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Top 5 Children’s Storybooks that Both Parents and Little Ones Can Enjoy

27/06/2017 | Articles, Bedtime, Books, Room to Grow | by Jane Thomas

Perhaps it’s just us but we think there’s something about children’s literature that we just enjoy more than books for grown-ups! Everything’s more magical, the illustrations are more imaginative, and the messages are more inspiring – something we need just as much when we’re adults as we do when we’re little (if not more!). Whether […]

How to Tackle Your Child’s Bedwetting

05/06/2017 | Articles, Bedtime, Child Health, Room to Grow | by Jane Thomas

Late night wake ups, midnight sheet changes, grumpy and overtired mornings… any of this sound familiar? If the answer is yes, it sounds like your child might be struggling with bedwetting. If so, the most important thing you can do first is stop worrying; bedwetting is an extremely common issue faced by over 15% of […]

Our Top Tips for a Stress-Free Bedtime

16/05/2017 | Articles, Bedtime, Room to Grow | by Jane Thomas

Wriggly little legs and sharp elbows creeping into our beds, late night tempers, tired tears, and tantrums – if any or all of this sounds familiar, it looks like you might be one of the thousands of families suffering from stressful bedtimes.   Whether your little one struggles with night terrors or you’re trying to […]

5 Top Tips on How to Help Your Child Sleep in Their Own Bed

04/04/2017 | Articles, Bedtime, Room to Grow, Sleep | by Jane Thomas

Did you know that nearly 30% of parents have their kids sleeping in their beds with them on any given night? While co-sleeping isn’t inherently a problem, if your little ones are waking you up at night or disturbing your sleep it can lead to exhaustion and stress. Luckily there are a few nifty ways […]

What Sitcom Family is Yours Most Like? Take the Quiz.

10/03/2017 | Bedtime, Fun, Room to Grow | by Jane Thomas

What Sitcom Family is Yours Most Like? Malcolm in the Middle mad or Brady Bunch bezzies? Take our quiz to find out.

A Fun Theme for your Daughter’s Bedroom

27/10/2016 | Bedtime, Fun | by Jane Thomas

A Fun Theme for your Daughter’s Bedroom   As Halloween rolls around, ‘tis the season to let you imagination run wild and the end of summer has got us thinking about fun new interior design for the new season. First up, we’re going to take a look at all the incredibly exciting things you can […]

Parents – What To Consider When Buying Kids Bunk Beds?

14/03/2016 | Beds, Bedtime | by Jane Thomas

From midnight secret-sharing to the best hide-and-seek spots, bunk beds provide endless fun for little ones. But even better than that (from our point of view anyway!) they’re also a great room saver for those of us short on floorspace. If you’re thinking of buying a bunk bed for your children, here are some things […]

Tips to Keep Your Baby Snug in the Winter

15/12/2015 | Babies, Bedtime | by Jane Thomas

New parents face a tricky time in winter, when we have to try and strike a balance between keeping baby warm yet making sure he or she doesn’t overheat. If this is your little one’s first Christmas, here’s how to keep them snug and safe during the festive season. Cool Kids The most important thing […]

How to Help Your Child Transition into Their Own Bedroom

13/12/2015 | Beds, Bedtime, Room to Grow, Sleep | by Jane Thomas

As our little ones grow up we very often help them transition from their cot into a new bed by letting them sleep in ours. However taking that final step of moving them from your bed into their own can often be the hardest. If you’ve got to the stage where your child is giving […]

How to Throw the Ultimate Sleepover

09/12/2015 | Bedtime, Fun | by Jane Thomas

From late-night ghost stories to sharing secrets that would win us friends for life, some of our best memories were created at sleepovers. If your little one has got a birthday or a special occasion coming up, here’s how to throw them the ultimate sleepover. The Setting If you’ve been thinking lines of sleeping bags […]

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