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This Season’s Must Have Unisex Bedroom Trend: Yellow and Grey

28/06/2017 | Articles, Beds, Decorating tips, Decoration, Room to Grow, Sleep | by Jane Thomas

Not keen on the idea of white? Bored with blue and pink? If you want to give your child’s bedroom that sleek and stylish look, try the cooling and soothing tones of yellow and grey – this season’s must have trend. Complimentary, simple and elegant – this colour combination suits both genders, all ages, and […]

It’s All in the Detail – Bedroom Inspiration for Your Child

09/05/2017 | Articles, Decorating tips, Decoration, Room to Grow | by Jane Thomas

When it comes to decorating your children’s bedrooms, it’s easy to get caught up in the big decisions like what colour scheme you’d like for the walls or what big pieces of furniture you’re going to choose. While those things are definitely important, it’s good to remember that little details can make a room as […]

How to Make the Most of Your Space

24/03/2017 | Articles, Decorating tips, Decoration, Room to Grow | by Jane Thomas

When it comes to redecorating our children’s bedrooms, we’re all guilty of scrolling through Pinterest and pinning cavernous rooms with design features we’d never be able to fit into our actual homes (uh… real tree swing in a room, anyone??). If you are working with a small space though, there comes a time when you […]

Time to Get Crafty: 5 Easter Crafts for the Whole Family to Enjoy

17/03/2017 | Decorating tips, Decoration, Fun, Room to Grow | by Jane Thomas

Sunshine? Good. Spring flowers? Good. Cute animals? Good. Chocolate? GOOD! We absolutely love the Easter holidays, not least because they’re a great time to get crafty with your kids. Here’s some of our favourite Easter-themed family friendly fun.   Incr-edible Nests Let’s be honest, one of the best things about Easter is all the lovely […]

10 Nursery Pinterest Boards That Are So Cute You’ll Want to Have Babies

28/06/2016 | Decorating tips, Decoration, Room to Grow | by Jane Thomas

Pinterest; it’s got a lot to answer for. Those shoes we never should have bought but that looked so good on that fashion blogger, that new hairstyle we didn’t really need to get but we’d had pinned for such a long time… But where it really, really gets us is #interior #design – especially (of […]

Simple Design Hacks to Make Your Child’s Bedroom Magical

29/03/2016 | Decorating tips, Decoration | by Jane Thomas

From playtime to storytime to bedtime, children spend a lot of time in their rooms so a boring bedroom is not ideal. Luckily you don’t have to have tons of cash to turn your little one’s space into a magical wonderland, just try out some of these oh-so-adorable design hacks. Fairy Doors The current darling […]

15 Cute & Simple Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

05/03/2016 | Decoration | by Jane Thomas

It’s the most mum-derful time of the year! This weekend, mums across the nation will be showered with flowers, gifts and more chocolate than they’ll admit in their calories app. Unless, that is, their brood forgets about the day completely. If you and your little ones have left gift-buying too late, don’t head for panic […]

How to Freshen Up Your Kids’ Bedrooms for 2016

23/01/2016 | Beds, Decorating tips, Decoration | by Jane Thomas

Keeping children entertained is an ongoing battle and bearing in mind their bedrooms are where they spend a lot of their time, it’s important to provide them with a fun, stimulating environment that they’ll want to sleep, play and do their homework in! Completely re-decorating your child’s bedroom can be a daunting prospect and finding […]

Interior Decor Trends 2016

12/01/2016 | Decorating tips, Decoration | by Jane Thomas

It’s not often that you look around your home and think ‘it’s finally finished’; there always seems to be more to do, new projects to start and new ways to improve your house. Sometimes you can get stuck for inspiration and end up living amongst décor that you’re not too enthusiastic about, but you’re not […]

Mirror, Mirror: How to Create the Perfect Fairytale Bedroom

27/10/2015 | Beds, Bedtime, Decoration, Room to Grow | by Jane Thomas

A fairytale bedroom is the stuff of children’s dreams. Who are we kidding? It’s the stuff of our dreams too! Whether it’s inspired by their favourite animated film or their most treasured bedtime story, here’s how to add a touch of magic to your little one’s room.   The Bed     Everyone knows that […]

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