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This Season’s Must Have Unisex Bedroom Trend: Yellow and Grey

28/06/2017 | Articles, Beds, Decorating tips, Decoration, Room to Grow, Sleep | by Jane Thomas

Not keen on the idea of white? Bored with blue and pink? If you want to give your child’s bedroom that sleek and stylish look, try the cooling and soothing tones of yellow and grey – this season’s must have trend. Complimentary, simple and elegant – this colour combination suits both genders, all ages, and […]

5 Top Tips on How to Help Your Child Sleep in Their Own Bed

04/04/2017 | Articles, Bedtime, Room to Grow, Sleep | by Jane Thomas

Did you know that nearly 30% of parents have their kids sleeping in their beds with them on any given night? While co-sleeping isn’t inherently a problem, if your little ones are waking you up at night or disturbing your sleep it can lead to exhaustion and stress. Luckily there are a few nifty ways […]

Top Tips for Moving Your Child from a Toddler Bed to a Big Bed

24/02/2017 | Articles, Beds, Room to Grow, Sleep | by Jane Thomas

Watching our kids’ height markers move further up the doorframe is bittersweet. On one hand we love watching them grow up into real little people but at the same time can they just stay tiny babies forever please??   If you’ve got a little one who’s growing up fast, chances are they’ll soon be making […]

Our Top 5 Accessories for Every Child’s Bedroom

17/02/2017 | Decorating tips, Room to Grow, Sleep | by Jane Thomas

What does your child like to do most in their bedroom? Sleep? Read? Play? Study? Daydream? If your little one is anything like ours, the answer is all the above and more. Make sure their space is ready for everything with our checklist of the top 5 accessories every child’s bedroom should have.   A […]

“But I don’t WANT to go to sleep!”: Real Parents Give Real Advice on Bedtime

27/06/2016 | Sleep | by Jane Thomas

Tantrums, slammed doors, bedsheets and teddies thrown on the floor – if you recognise any of these symptoms, there’s a chance you might have a Bedtime Problem. If Carmina Burana starts playing in your head whenever the time rolls around to get your little one to sleep, you might find this real parent advice pretty […]

How to Help Your Child Transition into Their Own Bedroom

13/12/2015 | Beds, Bedtime, Room to Grow, Sleep | by Jane Thomas

As our little ones grow up we very often help them transition from their cot into a new bed by letting them sleep in ours. However taking that final step of moving them from your bed into their own can often be the hardest. If you’ve got to the stage where your child is giving […]

Inspiration for Winter-Ready Kids’ Bedrooms

17/11/2015 | Beds, Bedtime, Room to Grow, Sleep | by Jane Thomas

  If you’ve been digging out little hats and gloves of late, you’ve probably noticed that winter is drawing in. But while you might have prepared your littles ones for facing the dropping temperatures, have you done the same for their bedroom? If not, don’t worry. Just follow our handy tips for winter-prepping your child’s […]

What Are Night Terrors and How to Deal with Them

11/10/2015 | Bedtime, Sleep | by Jane Thomas

Night terrors are a sleep problem occurring for some young children. Estimates range from 3% to 15% of younger children experiencing them. Night terrors are more common in children between two and six year of age. However, they can occur at any age, even as young as 18 months. Night terrors seem to be more […]

10 Awesome Children’s Bedroom Wall Art Ideas

10/09/2015 | Beds, Decoration, Room to Grow, Sleep | by Jane Thomas

The world around us is vibrant, exciting, and often wonderfully beautiful. It is a wild place filled with colour, whether you live in the city or the country. Your children are captivated by the simplest things which you may take more for granted – a red London bus flying past, a chestnut horse galloping through […]

How to Get Your Youngster Used to a High Bed

21/08/2015 | Bedtime, Sleep | by Jane Thomas

Most toddlers make the transition to a high bed sometime between the ages of 18 months and three years. However, there is no specific time your toddler needs to move to a new bed; it is different for every child and family. Most parents decide it is time to get their youngster used to a […]

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