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shutterstock_92398177Drip, drip, drop, little April showers, what can compare with your beautiful sound? Well we don’t know what can compare with the sound but we know what can drown it out: bored kids! Rainy days can be a chore for children and parents, especially when you’ve already got plenty of actual chores to be getting on with.

The key to rainy days is finding plenty of Quiet Time activities (with a big stress on ‘quiet’!). Asking your brood to stage a performance of their favourite Disney film might keep them occupied but quiet, it is not. If you want to be able to get on with your own errands with a little peace, here are some fab Quiet Time activities for rainy days.

Sticker Scenes

We wish we found anything half as enjoyable as toddlers find sticking stickers everywhere. Turn this somewhat messy habit into a fun and tranquil activity by supplying your little one with sheets of paper to decorate. You can cover sheets of A4 with symbols or pictures for toddlers to assign matching stickers or, if you’re artistically-minded, even create a little scene to bring stickers to life.

Reading Time

There’s nothing like reading for keeping little minds quietly busy. Turn reading into a fun activity by creating a Reading Den for your child. This can be anything from a quiet corner in their bedroom to their own wigwam or playhouse – the more private it feels the better. Set them up with their favourite book, a drink and some snacks and then slowly tiptoe away…


Stamp Out

Alternatively, make painting time even more fun by helping your little ones to create their own potato stamps beforehand. Get them to draw a design onto a potato half and then carefully cut it out for them. Add paper and paint, et voila!

A Novel Idea

If you want to engage your child’s creativity even more, why not get them to come up with their own story instead? Give them prompts or use their favourite books, films or TV show as inspiration then get them to write or draw out a whole new adventure of their own.


Get Puzzled

Have you got a little smarty pants under your roof? Brain train and quietly entertain with a fun puzzle. Normal jigsaws can be fiddly for little hands so make sure to buy a child-appropriate puzzle or even make your own supersized one out of cardboard.

Build Up

What’s more fun than a home-built fort? Nothing, that’s what. If your little one loves to build, you can supply them with cardboard, sofa cushions, building bricks; anything that they can use to play and create. Then sit back and enjoy the silence as they contemplate complicated engineering problems.


We love Playdough but boy, oh boy does it get stuck in the carpet. For a cleaner, more natural (and cheaper!) option, why not make your own? With just a little flour, salt, oil and water, you and your little ones can mix up your own homemade dough that doesn’t cost a penny. You can even add props such as dried flowers, twigs, pebbles and leaves to help your little one create their own little worlds.

Paper People

Paper dolls have lost popularity somewhat over the years but can actually be a cute and fun way to encourage creativity in kids. You can draw (or print out) a doll with a whole wardrobe of clothes for your little ones to choose from or draw and cut out loads of facial features so they can create their own funny faces.


Paint a Picture

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best ones. Set your little one up with plenty of paper, paintbrushes and some non-toxic watercolour paints and see what they can create. Plus you won’t have to worry too much about mess as watercolours wash out of nearly everything…

Pied Piper

When was the last time a pipe cleaner was used to actually clean a pipe, we wonder? Nowadays these wonderful colourful bendy bits are far better employed making bracelets, animals, mini forests, pipey people… the list goes on! We recommend grabbing a whole bundle for Quiet Time play.

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