Staying organised and staying on top of my game is essential as a working mum, running a home, raising three young children and playing cook and taxi. It’s taken me ages to establish an organised life (almost there!) and short cuts have been mastered.

So today I’m starting with just ten tips …

1. Birthday party invitations. If you are anything like me and lose them and then get reminded about the party by mums in the playground and wonder where, what time and what theme it is whilst frantically looking at home for that invitation then I have mastered this! Take a photo of the party invite on your phone as soon as you get it and assign it to the contact when you reply!

2. Play dates. My daughters always want their friends over to play after school and I don’t mind that but on those days I’m working and doing school and nursery pick up it can be stressful with more kids to look after too, so now i only arrange play dates on the days i don’t work and keep it to one play date a week which means come pick up time on those days i am more organised and less stressed!

3. Make sure that each child has a smart, pretty party dress with cardigan and tights in their wardrobe for that party invite rather than panicking last minute that your child has nothing to wear and you can’t find the time or the energy to take three grumpy kids to the shop to find that party dress, cardigan, tights! I learnt this the hard way… twice!

4. Have a selection of boys and girls birthday cards without ages on! Being organised with wrapping paper ready to go is also handy. I prefer buying small pressies that are suitable and compatible for the particular birthday child so I don’t buy in bulk but I hear many mums say that they have a box of gifts ready to grab and wrap when a party invite is passed their way via the book bags!

5. Always have jacket potatoes and baked beans in. Always have batchelors packets of pasta in the cupboard and always have a cheese pizza ready to go in the freezer. Life saver on those stressful days.

6. Always have a bag of brioches and apples at the ready – in the car, in your bag or in the house! or like me; in all places at all times! Handy snack on the go for hungry kids!

7. Like me managing the kids on your own after work, after school activities and hubby not home until after kids have gone to bed? then don’t fret about reading time! Leave for the school run 10 minutes earlier and get your kids to read in the car. Lucky enough to walk to school? Get everyone ready earlier and get them sat down reading to the rest of you before school. Playing schools is my kids favourite game.

8. Learn to love Dry Shampoo!

9. Have everything ready by the front door the night before, have everything ironed, lunches made and school shoes found and paired up. It takes a little of the stress away from the morning mayhem!

10. Keep spare umbrellas, hats, scarves and gloves in the car. Oh this has been a handy one for me… again i learnt the hard way!

Have you got tips? I would love to read them!


Written by our regular contributor Emma.

Website: http://theprmummy.com
Twitter: @theprmummy

All views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Room To Grow.

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