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It’s nearly Father’s Day and, if your little ones are too small to be hitting the shops by themselves, crafting your own gifts together can be a great way to occupy them and come up with some great pressies for dad at the same 1

After all, what more could a man ask for than a weird small purple hippo-ish… thing?

From cute cards to DIY gardening tools, check out some of our favourite Father’s Day crafts.

He’s No Mug

Whether he loves coffee or he’s a classic breakfast tea man, every dad needs a solid mug. Instead of buying a boring one from the shops this year, why not get your kids to paint their own? You can add anything from cute handprints and messages to a quirky moustache or items from dad’s favourite hobby.

dad 2

It’s the one time dad won’t mind the kids getting fingerprints everywhere.

How Much?

If you’re looking for a new take on the old Father’s Day card, you need the ‘I Love You This Much’ design. All you have to do is get your little ones to trace each hand on a square of coloured card and then cut them out and join them together with a piece of paper folded like a concertina. On the first hand, write ‘I love you…’ and then write ‘this much!’ on the folded paper so it’s visible when the two hands are pulled apart. Cute!

Just His Cup of T

No self-respecting dad would be caught without his trusty stock of t-shirts so why not add to the collection by letting your children design one for him? All you need is a plain tee and some fabric paint.

dad 3

Although perhaps don’t let the kids redecorate his whole wardrobe…

Take a Bow (Tie)

Wrapping paper is boring. Instead of using normal wrapping stuff, try embellishing your gifts with a cute bow tie instead. It’s quirky and can be a gift in itself!

Daddy’s Best Trait Is….

Let dad know what the kids really think of him by crafting an adorable (or possibly hilarious) questionnaire. Simply write down a bunch of statements (‘My dad works as a…’, ‘His favourite food is…’, etc) and let your little ones fill in the blanks. You can even frame the results afterwards. For best results, use toddlers.

Knit Wit

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that dads love beer. So, this Father’s Day, help dad turn even his favourite hot drink into a beer with a knitted mug warmer. Simply stitch an orange rectangle with a white line at the top then add a button at one end and a button hole at the other. Then watch as dad wraps it round his mug, transforming it into a cute little pint.

In The Can

If your other half is into tending his plants, nothing will brighten up a gardening session like an adorable decorated watering can. All you need is one plain watering can, some paints and some kids with big imaginations.

dad 4

Note: If you hear dad yelling “No! They ruined my favourite watering can!”, it’s just his way of expressing his gratitude.

Tree Of Life

If you’ve got a big family it can be nice to make dad his very own family tree. Paint a bare tree trunk onto a large piece of white card or canvas and let the little ones decorate it with leaves made of their fingerprints. Use different shades of green for the prettiest results.

Paint A Thousand Words

Don’t fancy letting the little ones loose with a paint set? You can still give dad a pretty picture for Father’s Day without having to endure all the mess. Simply print out your favourite picture of him and the kids and add a little message with Scrabble tiles to create a unique and quirky gift.

The Damper

What’s a Damper, we hear you ask? It’s a Dad Hamper, of course! Following the principle of ‘When in doubt, give him all of the gifts’, buy a nice wicker basket and let the kids fill it will all of dad’s favourite things – it’s the perfect way to spoil him rotten this Father’s Day.

dad 5

Just don’t let the kids fill the whole thing with beer.

Or do, maybe.

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