As a glorious heat wave rolls across the UK, we’re joining every other British person in a resounding chorus of, “Okay we wanted it to be sunny but we didn’t want it to be this sunny.”

Don’t get us wrong, we love sunbathing, ice creams and impromptu paddling pool sessions as much as the next person. What we don’t love are the sweltering nighttimes, where we don’t so much drift off as melt to sleep.

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But – UGH – those summer niiiiiights…

If you’re finding that you and your little ones are having trouble sleeping in the heat – or suffering from any other insomnia-inducing problems – here are the products you need in your life right now.

The Coolest Mat (Literally)

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Say goodbye to sleepless summer nights with this gel mat that keeps you cool in bed – perfect for little ones who struggle in the heat. Excuse us while we just go and place an order…

And a Cool Pillow to Match

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Still feeling hot? There’s a cool pillow to match!

The New Bedtime Stories

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Sometimes the things keeping our little ones up at night can be more complex than a simple heat wave. If your child finds stress or anxiety prevents them from sleeping, try this CD packed with relaxing bedtime stories.

The New Lullaby

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Alternatively, if your little one is very little indeed, this peaceful soundtrack is the perfect thing to help them drift off into healthy sleeping habits. Designed especially for babies, the super relaxing CD might just have you nodding off too…

The Jet Setter

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There’s nothing like a cool breeze to set you off to sleep. This BedJet can be controlled via your phone and also turns into a heater for when winter rolls around.

The Sniffle Buster

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If you’re anything like us, you’re constantly worrying about germs and pollutants – especially if your children are prone to allergies. Enter this air purifier, which gets rid of 99.9% of bacteria, mold, pollen, dust mites and other airborne nasties to aid sneeze-free sleep.

The Musical Pillow

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If you’ve got a little one who’s happy to drift off while you read to them but who panics when you stop, the Dreampad could be your new hero. Play audiobooks, music or relaxing sounds right through the pillow – perfect for fearful sleepers.

The Wise Old Owl

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If a fear of the dark is keeping your toddler awake, this owl is your new best friend. Emitting comforting nightlights, chatter and lullabies, the clever gadget can be set to a timer and even plays wake up songs with green lights in the morning.

The ‘Winter Is Coming’ Necessity

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It’s hard to think of it now but, when winter rolls around, chilly temperatures can keep kids awake as much as soaring ones. Solve that problem with this ingenious Snuggle Sac; not only will it keep little ones warm, it makes bedtime 10 times more fun too!

The Mary Poppins of Sleep Gadgets

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Whatever it is that’s keeping your family up, be that unwanted light, noise or high temperatures, grab yourself this sleep environment tracker that will help you track down the problem once and for all. Problem solved.

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