Every child is different. They have different interests, obsessions and personalities. Their imagination is often mocked or dismissed by adults because they think it is tiresome or immature,  but it is actually something that should be cherished and promoted, not gradually squashed out of them.  As writer Ursula K. Guin said, “the creative adult is the child who survived”, and especially in our career and academia obsessed modern society, it seems more important than ever to preserve and encourage our children’s creativity and individuality.


There are a lot of ways to let a child express themselves and be creative, and one of these is by allowing them to have an imaginative and diverse room design. When you are young, you don’t usually own much in the world, but your bedroom is one of the few places you can really call your own.


To a child, everything has a multipurpose; what you and I may refer to as a bed, a child may see a climbing frame, a rocket ship, an army trench,a royal castle, a space station – you name it!  Below are a few examples of bedrooms that have brought a child’s fantasy to life and have allowed their creativity to run wild.  The best thing about them is that they are all wonderfully different; they entirely represent the child’s personality, giving them a fantastic personal space to hang out in and call their own.


1) The first bedroom is The Chronicles of Narnia inspired, with a secret playroom that can be found inside the wardrobe. Brilliant!



Credit: http://imgur.com/a/Okw2O


2) Bring the jungle indoors with this wild at heart bedroom theme. Would you dare walk the rope bridge?


boys bedroom

Credit: http://youvebeenroomed.tumblr.com/


3) Is your child lego crazy? If they are, they’d love this next one. Just don’t step on any, ouch!


Lego Bedroom

Credit: http://pebble-design.com/


4) Worried their interests will change too quickly? This is one that can change with your child: doodles one day, astrophysics the next.


Chalk bedroom idea

Credit: http://rilane.com/kids-bedroom/15-whismiscal-kids-bedroom-designs-chalkboard-wall/


5) For the courageous knights, the heroic princesses, and the damsels in distress.


castle themed bed

Credit: www.frontdoor.com/coolhouses/5-homes-with-whimsical-kids-rooms


6) For the sporty kids – complete with mini basketball court,  punch bag and rock climbing wall. Where’s the swimming pool?


Sports themed bedroom

Credit: http://hotstyledesign.com/boy-bedroom-ideas-2014-by-perianth/


7) Ahoy! This next one could take your child across the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans, fighting pirates and finding treasure  – all without leaving the comfort of their own room.


Pirate Ship Bed

Credit: http://www.hgtv.com/about-us/information-about-rate-my-space


8) This Frozen inspired bedroom is a Disney Princess fan’s heaven! Leeeet it goooo…leeeet ittt…you know the words.


Princess Bedroom

credit: http://dahliadesign.net/wp/wp3/gallery/children-rooms/


9) Let the magic come alive with a Harry Potter themed room. No muggles allowed!


Harry Potter Bedroom

Credit: http://themerooms.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/harry-potter-themed-bedroom-harry.html


10) Luke’s room on the Disney channel show “Jessie” is every kids dream – he even has a bed that converts into a trampoline! Be careful Luke.


Trampoline Bed

Credit: http://hookedonhouses.net/2014/06/16/the-fabulous-family-penthouse-on-the-disney-show-jessie/


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