Pinterest; it’s got a lot to answer for. Those shoes we never should have bought but that looked so good on that fashion blogger, that new hairstyle we didn’t really need to get but we’d had pinned for such a long time… But where it really, really gets us is #interior #design – especially (of course) when it comes to children’s bedrooms. From covetable cribs to the most adorable kids’ furniture, we just can’t get enough of amazing nursery Pinterest boards. Here are some of our absolute faves*…

*Room To Grow takes no responsibility for the fact that this list will absolutely guarantee to make you want babies.

Little Look: Children’s Interiors – Nursery

nursery 1

Lush children’s design company Little Look loves all things Scandinavian nursery. Check out their boards for clean palettes and pretty pastels.

Victoria Lonergan: Nursery Ideas

nursery 2

We love Victoria’s board for its rustic details and cute gender-neutral designs.

Helen Smith: Nursery

nursery 3

How cute is this woodland-themed nursery board?? If you love it as much as we do, why not download our Woodland Friends free wall stickers set and get copying?

WaceyStyle: Nursery Inspo

nursery 4

If you love a pop of colour, look no further than this gorgeous nursery board from style expert Claire Wacey.

Aimee Horabin: My perfect nursery…x

Nursery 5

Packed with quaint Old English charm and Beatrix Potter influences, this is the perfect board for storybook nursery inspiration.

Claire Biesty: Nursery Ideas

nursery 6

One for stylish parents-to-be, Claire’s board is packed with cute prints and trendy geometric designs.

Zak Gamba: nursery

nursery 7

We never knew how much we appreciated clouds with faces until we saw this adorable weather-inspired nursery board.

Wear & Where: Home: The Littlest Room

Nursery 8

Featuring some of the coolest children’s furniture out there, this cute nursery board from lifestyle bloggers Where & Wear has a thing for wigwams (us too!).

Home – Children’s Room

Nursery 9

Filled with dusky natural palettes and quirky, travel-inspired touches, this is the go-to board for sophisticated parents.

Room To Grow: DIY Nursery Decorations

nursery 10

Okay not-so-#humblebrag but we just had to include our inspo-filled DIY nursery board. Filled with team Room To Grow’s most crafty ideas, it’s perfect for creating your very own unique nursery.

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