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We’re going crazy for these wickedly wonderful spooky snacks! Whether you’re on the hunt for some devilishly delicious Halloween treats to enjoy with your own little monsters or in need of some foodspiration to share with friends, take a look here…

Meaty Mummies

These almost look too good to eat! The perfect savoury snack to enjoy with your little trick or treater before they go off in search for sweets or make them for a perfect party appetiser.

Frightful Frankenstein

We’ve always been a fan of the classic rice krispy cake and these frightfully fun Frankenstein treats look delish!

Mummy Muffins

We like the look of these mummy muffins! Especially if that’s a chocolate cake we spy under all that icing. This decoration doesn’t look too difficult for children to give it a try!

Ghastly Skeleton Gingerbread

Gingerbread is definitely a sign that autumn is here and we are not complaining! This scary take on the classic gingerbread man is the perfect scary snack to enjoy this Halloween.

Boo-tiful Cupcakes

These cupcakes really are boo-tiful! Halloween is all about indulging in your favourite sweet treat, why not try and recreate this with your children for a fun Halloween activity?

Mystical Marshmallow Pops

This sophisticated Halloween treat is something that everyone can enjoy! Anything with three ingredients will always be a favourite of ours – all you’ll need is a packet of marshmallows, some melted chocolate and Halloween themed sprinkles!

Pretty Scary Pumpkins

Halloween isn’t all about the sweet stuff. These pumpkin themed stuffed peppers are the perfect snack to enjoy at Halloween. Why not swap the lunchtime sandwich and surprise your little one with this spooky snack at lunchtime?

Scary Spider Cookies

Now who doesn’t love a peanut butter and chocolate combo? These creative cookies look too good to eat (but that won’t stop us!).

Wickedly Good Pretzels

How cute are these colourful pumpkin pretzels? Ask your child’s friends over before they go trick or treating and surprise them with these fun and colourful treats!

Creepy Cookies

Simply put together a cookie and some marshmallows to create this cute yet creepy cookie! Perfect for your little ones to munch on before they head out trick or treating.

 [All photos sourced from Pinterest]

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