Did you know that the 9th of August is National Book Lovers Day? If you and your little ones love all things literary, from the crisp first page of a brand new book to the delicious smell of an old one, this is the day for you. Get them involved with our guide to celebrating this lovely day.

10 Ways

Make a Reading Den

Spend Book Lovers Day creating a hideaway where little ones can read every day. Whether it’s just a cosy corner of their bedroom or a whole playhouse decked out with cushions and snacks, a reading den should be private and quiet enough to allow them to adventure to whole new worlds.

Treat your Little Ones to Literary Gifts

Does your child have a favourite book they just can’t get enough of? Use it as decor inspiration and treat them to a beautiful literary gift this Book Lovers Day (we love this beautiful Alice in Wonderland print, for example). Alternatively, turn their room into a version of their favourite fictional world with these free wall stickers.

Buy a New Bookshelf

If your little one is just starting their book collection, or their current storage options are full to the brim, Book Lovers Day is the perfect excuse to treat them to some brand new bookcases.

Tidy Books

Like this adorable alphabet case from Tidy Books.

Have a Book Marathon

If you and your child have a favourite book you haven’t read in a while, why not see if you can do the whole thing in one day? Get snacks, get comfy and get prepared to put on some seriously entertaining character voices for the funnest book marathon around.

Buy a Special Copy

Alternatively, why not treat them to a special copy of their favourite book? From hardbacks and illustrated version to antique editions, this is a gift they’ll carry with them through the years.

Book a Bedtime Story Event

Bedtime stories aren’t just for little ones; they can be enjoyed by the whole family when you go to Bedtime Stories at London Wonderground. Complete with a giant bedroom, circus acts, music, dancing, installations, theatre and art; booking your ticket to this show is the perfect way to celebrate Book Lovers Day.

Organise a Book Club

The only thing more fun than reading is reading together. Get some of your little one’s BFFs round for a special Book Lovers Day book club; pick a book and get everyone to dress up as their favourite character. Cook up some story-appropriate treats, act out some of your favourite scenes or simply have a peaceful reading aloud session.

Go on a Library Trip

Many of us sadly just don’t have the storage to stock as many books as we’d love to for our children. That’s why libraries are so bloomin’ brilliant. This Book Lovers Day, why not grab your book bags and let little ones loose in the nearest library.

Completely Loose

Okay maybe not completely loose…

Write a Story

What better way to celebrate books than to help your children write their very own? Ask little ones to come up with a story that they’d love to read. You can have character workshops, crafty illustration sessions or just send them off with a pencil, paper and their imaginations.

Help Other Book Lovers

Of course not everyone in the UK has the resources to enjoy books as much as they might like to. This year, help out fellow book lovers by getting your little ones to donate any books they no longer use to charity. What better way to celebrate Book Lovers day than by helping to create more book lovers?

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