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mothers day pic 1It’s the most mum-derful time of the year! This weekend, mums across the nation will be showered with flowers, gifts and more chocolate than they’ll admit in their calories app. Unless, that is, their brood forgets about the day completely. If you and your little ones have left gift-buying too late, don’t head for panic stations just yet. Just take a look at these simple (and totes adorbs) craft ideas that are way better than any shop-bought gifts anyway…

Tin Can Lanterns

What you need: Tin cans, paint, hammer, nails, wire, tea light

How to make it: Get little ones to choose a design (we love heart shapes, the word ‘MUM’ or mum’s initials) then draw it onto an old tin can. Carefully hammer little holes into the can along all the lines. Paint your tin whatever colour you like, attached a wire handle at the top and pop a tealight in, et voila! Instant lantern.

Hand Moulds

What you need: Salt, flour, water, ribbon, paint (optional)

How to make it: Make a dough with the salt, flour and water then get little ones to press hands or feet into it to leave an imprint. When it’s done, poke two holes in the top then pop it in the oven on a very low heat for two to three hours. When your mold is fully dried out, you can either paint it or simply tie a ribbon between the holes so mum can hang it wherever she likes.

Mum Coupons

What you need: Paper, colouring pencils, imagination!

How to make it: Could mum use a bit of help around the house? Or a nice cup of tea in the morning? Write down all the things she loves and turn them into coupons she can use throughout the year.

mothers day pic 3

“One coupon for helping mum clean up the mess I made while making coupons.”

Bottle Cap Brooches

What you need: Bottle caps, old jewellery, glue, safety pins

How to make it: If mum’s got an old broken necklace or bracelet she used to love, now’s the time to help her enjoy it once more. Take all the pieces of your chosen jewellery item and glue them onto a bottle cap to make a pretty brooch. Attach a safety pin to the back so mum can wear it right away.

Decoupage Tray

What you need: A blank tray, photographs, PVC glue

How to make it: Cover an old tray with mum’s favourite pictures of the family and seal them on with PVC glue to make her a beautiful personalised kitchen accessory.

Cute Cameos

What you need: Photograph, pencils, black card, white card, picture frame (optional)

How to make it: Grab a photograph of your little one in profile and help them trace it onto black card paper. Cut it out then stick it onto a piece of white card. You’ll create a personalised cameo print that will look beautiful framed.

Upcycled Flower Pots

What you need: Old flower pots, paint, ribbons, buttons and other decorations

How to make it: Plain terracotta flower pots are super easy to customise. You can help your little ones decorate them with paints, glue buttons or beads to them or tie ribbons around the rim to create a cute handmade gift.


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