As one Mad Hatter said, it’s always tea time but this 21st of April it’s afternoon tea time as we celebrate National Tea Day. If you’re planning to celebrate this most British of days, here are some top tips on hosting an afternoon tea:


Afternoon Wonderland


If you’re hosting a tea for little ones or for both parents and kids, there’s nothing more fun than making it Alice in Wonderland-themed. You can buy or make your own woodland decorations, fill frames with printouts of the best Mad Hatter quotes, and hand out rabbit ears, crazy hats, or Alice bands for everyone to wear. Don’t forget cakes decorated with ‘Eat Me’ and drinks labelled with ‘Drink Me’ for that magical finishing touch.


Tea Total

April 21st is, of course, all about celebrating tea so don’t forget to have a wide variety on offer. You don’t have to spend a fortune buying hundreds of boxes of tea that you’ll never use again though – most supermarkets or tea brands will do a selection box of individually wrapped tea bags for that extra fancy feel.



Don’t have a set of fancy china ready and waiting on the off chance you throw and afternoon tea? Who cares! Mix and match china is all the rage now – if you don’t have enough cups and saucers in your cupboard already, charity shops can be a great place to find vintage china for a pittance.


Sugar and Spice

Remember that not everyone loves either sweet or savoury treats so make sure to have a good selection of both so that there’s something for everyone. Finger sandwiches are super easy to make and can be prepared in advance, while cheese scones are a delicious savoury alternative for guests who don’t have a sweet tooth.


Let’s Take this Outside

If you’re planning your tea during a bout of nice weather – why not take it outside? A picnic tea is a fab option for families and afternoon tea food is already perfect for outdoor eating. All you have to do is pop your cake stands and sandwiches on a chintzy rug, scatter a few cushions, and let everyone help themselves!



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