3 Popular Themes for Girls’ Bedrooms

Posted on 14/07/2015 by Room to Grow

3 Girls Bedroom Themes
When you decorate your infant and toddler room, you have the fun of picking a theme and colours for your little girl. However, as soon as they are older – usually when they are ready to begin school – they begin to express an interest in picking out their own theme décor. You can be ready to make some reasonable suggestions if you consider these three popular themes for your girl’s bedroom, all of which have a great many furniture and accessory options available.

Young Girl Jumping On Her Bed

The most popular theme for little girls, a princess with her castle fulfils your daughter’s dreams and encourages her imagination. Little girls love Disney princesses – Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, the Little Mermaid – the list goes on and on. It is easy to find bedding and accessories to  decorate your little girl’s room with only one or multiple Disney princesses.
When your daughter is older, she will probably outgrow the Disney phase. If she is still enamoured by princesses, choose a castle or carriage bed. Paint the ceiling with a cloud filled sky or choose a princess wall mural.
Little girls of every age love flowers and there are multiple choices available. If your daughter wants a flower theme for their room, consider one of the following:
A single theme flower bedroom, such as all daisies, roses, or violets
 A garden theme, complete with a picket fence, withmany different kinds and colours of flowers
Big, bold, bright flowers for your tween or teen’s room
To begin your flowered theme bedroom, choose a bedding set with flowers and then build the rest of the room – colours and accessories – around the bedding set. Another idea is to paint or purchase a garden mural for the wall – perhaps a giant tree with pink blossoms.
A retro room is perfect for your tween or teen. First, check out the colours associated with each decade and find those that appeal to your daughter. Once a colour is decided upon, choose a decade
and design the room with colours, patterns, and furniture reflecting the unique style of that time period.
Colours – muted pink and turquoise blue
Boldly patterned wallpaper often with atomic symbols
Sleek furniture
Accessories in bright plastic
Colours – multicolours or black and white
Psychedelic patterns and tie dye
Peace signs and large flowers

Pop art posters, beads, and shag carpets, large paper flowers

Colours – oranges and earthy browns or black and white accented with one bright colour
Chunky and sturdy furniture
Sleek lamps, often made of metal
Teal and mauve
Modern design with striking curves and angles
Metallic accents
Retro style is fun, vibrant and exciting. A room in the retro style should please your daughter until she is ready to leave home. Accessories in the colours, materials, and design of your chosen theme will give a truly special appearance to whichever one of our three popular themes for girls’ bedrooms you choose for your toddler, school-aged child, tween, or teen.

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