Whether it’s at home or from school, you’re set to receive a lot of pretty pictures from your little ones over the years. They’re adorable and you want to keep them, but there isn’t quite enough space on the fridge, is there!? Below are our top three ways to use your children’s artwork, so you can proudly display their masterpieces in your house without worrying about losing them or the space you have.

1.Get them framed

This is a great way to make their drawings look more professional, which they will love, and it also helps to protect them from damage. You can frame them in a number of different ways – one interesting example is to hang blank frames with pegs within them, so your kids can hang their favourite pieces up, and they can change their mind whenever they like. Other ways include hanging them as a group, maybe year by year, or putting them up in rows – like a real gallery!

 2.Make a collage

There are multiple sites available which allow you to send in lots of different examples of your child’s artwork, and they will collage it for you, and send it back like a poster. You can get this framed too, for an even more stylish look. Again this will prevent them for getting damaged and will make them last forever. Its also a great way to condense many pieces of art into one, so you can save them all, and not worry about having to stash them away to make room for new ones!

3.Make them into magnets/cushion designs

Like the collage, there are plenty of websites out there which will allow you to send in your kid’s art to turn it into a cute set of magnets, or even a cushion design. The magnets are again more durable than paper, and you could stick them up anywhere – on the radiators, the fridge, or even on a metal cabinet. Animals especially make adorable magnets! The cushion design again is a great idea, preserving their artwork into the design of the room and not only looking quirky and stylish, but also making sure they know you care!

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