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Good news craft fans! Today is Make a Gift Day, the perfect day for getting creative and whipping up some homemade pressies just in time for Christmas.

If you’d love to save some money this Yuletide, try your hand at some crafty art, and find something fun to do with the family, these three homemade gift ideas should be just the ticket.


Cute Coasters

Buying someone a gift for their home can be tricky as everyone has different tastes but cute handmade coasters can be completely personalised to fit in with any style or decor. Super easy to make and really fun to craft with kids, these ceramic coasters are created using white polymer clay and your choice of porcelain, tile, or glass paint.

All you have to do is get yourself some clay online or from your local arts and crafts shop and shape it into little balls (about 60g of clay per coaster). Roll out each ball with a roller until it forms a disc that’s as thick as you want your coaster to be. Now use a cookie cutter in whatever shape you’d like to cut your coaster – just bear in mind that, if you’re not going to choose a circle, your coaster will need to be quite big to support a glass or a cuppa! Once your coasters are nicely shaped, pop them in the oven for about 30 minutes then take them out and put them on a cooling rack. Make sure this part is an adult-only job!

Once cooled, your coasters can be painted in whatever pattern or colours you like so encourage your little ones to use their imagination. When they’ve finished, pop the coasters back in the oven for another half an hour to set. Once cooled a second time, stack your coasters, tie them together with a ribbon, et voila! Ready to gift.


Merry Macrame

If you love Pinterest as much as we do, you’ll know that macrame is super fashionable at the moment. For the uninitiated, macrame is a form of textile making that involves using a range of knots in different varieties to create a patterned piece of material or structure. The good news is that it’s nowhere near as complicated as it sounds and can result in beautiful homemade gifts that look like they cost a fortune.

We think mini macrame plant pot hangers are a great beginners’ introduction to the craft, with the finished results making for a perfect present. All you need is scissors and string! The knots can be tricky to get to grips with but this tutorial is packed with helpful pictures to guide you along your way.


Cranberry Banana Bread

Nothing says Christmas like cranberries and baking! Everyone loves to indulge during the festive season so you can’t go wrong when gifting some delicious homemade banana bread. There are heaps of recipes to follow online but we love this one for its Christmassy inclusion of yummy cranberries. A great way to get the kids into baking, these delicious banana loafs can be individually wrapped or sliced and wrapped to be given as a yummy Yuletide gift.


Hopefully that’s given you some fun ideas for Make a Gift Day! If you have any more genius homemade crafts you think we should know about, we’d love to hear from you over on Facebook and Twitter.

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