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Sometimes the thought of your children sharing a room can be stressful. But if you think creatively with a room’s set up, then you won’t have to compromise with space or your children’s privacy. Here are a few ideas for children sharing a bedroom…

Create a personal space

When children start sharing a room, they may feel like they’re about to lose a lot of their privacy. Younger children may not mind as much as older kids, however if siblings feel like there’s a lack of privacy and personal space, this could create problems. It’s important to create a personal space or area for each child as best as you can. Perhaps consider buying two of the same pieces of furniture, such as a desk or a chest of drawers and then creating a side of the room for each child.

Stay Neutral

If you have a boy and a girl sharing, it’s a good idea to keep with neutral colours. There are a few reasons for this, such as children change their minds, a lot! With a neutral coloured bedroom, both children can make the room their own with their favourite coloured toys and accessories. You may also want your child to decide what they like, without preconceived notions of what’s considered appropriate for girls and boys.

Make the most of the bedroom’s space

Make the most of your children’s bedroom space and be sure not to infringe upon their play area with a bunk bed. Our Pebblelicious Double Dreamer Bunk Bed is suitable for both boys and girls and can even be split down to create two single beds! You also have the option to add drawers underneath to solve any storage problems or include another pull out bed for sleepovers with friends.

Ask your children for help

Why not involve your children in deciding how you’re going to decorate their room? They’re not going to fully understand the process of design but by asking for advice and their participation, will help them get excited about sharing a room and assure them that it is their space to learn and play. You could narrow down options for them, such as wallpaper designs or duvet covers. Some other aspects you may want to think about are, theme, colour and furniture.

Storage solutions

Keep toys, books and the abundance of paraphernalia our little ones acquire, safely tucked away with toy boxes, bookcases or storage units. Although we like to think our children can share, siblings appreciate their own space and a place for their belongings. Book cases are a great way to store different belongings, such as books (the obvious!), trinkets and crafts.

Do your children share a room? How do you make it work for your family? Share your tips with us on Twitter!

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