When you child is little, birthday parties are a magical time in their life. The simplest things will amaze them, and a balloon can make their whole day. Your party can be as inventive or imaginative as you please, but it is also a wonderful time to hold small, inexpensive gatherings as well. If your child is under five you will be able to hold shorter parties as their attention span is limited, but the party itself can still be a  lot of fun. Here are five party ideas for the under 5’s.

 1. Arts and crafts party

Kids love to paint, draw, and create. An arts and crafts party is a fun and inexpensive way to hold your child’s attention and make sure that all your little guests are having a good time. Choose a couple different projects like sock puppets or cupcake decorating and let them go nuts. Be sure to cover furniture, floors, and anything else you wouldn’t want paint and/ or icing on.

 2. Zoo Party

Most local zoos offer affordable birthday party options. Your child will love touching the furry animals and walking around the zoo. A zoo party is a great choice for a child as young as one because everyone, regardless of age,  will be able to enjoy the experience. Many zoos also offer food, drink, and cake packages which are great for parents looking for an easy, no-hassle birthday party.

 3. Family Party

You may not be able to get away with a small family party for very many years. Take the opportunity when you child is young to hold small, family gatherings that are both inexpensive and great for family bonding. You child will love to have their favorite people in one place, and won’t miss the lack of elaborate decorations and planning. At the end of the day a birthday is meant to celebrate the life of your child, why not spend the day just being together as a family.

 4. Play Place Party

A play place is a kid’s paradise. Ball pits, slides, and tunnels with plenty of space to run around. Every play place offers birthday packages where you can reserve a table for your party, along with optional food and drink packages. Some play places allow you to bring in your own cake, but rules vary venue to venue. A play place party is guaranteed fun for younger children, and is great for older siblings as well. Many play places also offer baby areas for those 2 and under, as well as an under 5 space in which older kids are not allowed. If the idea of hundreds of running, screaming children scares you, this may not be the best choice.

 5. Park Party

If you child was born in the summer months, or you are blessed with beautiful weather year-round, throw a party at the park. A park party is usually free, you just need to be sure and claim your space before anyone else. Parents can sit around while you picnic and chat and the kids can run around and play like there is no tomorrow. Park parties are cheap, fun, and great exercise!


Planning a birthday party for your child under 5 can be as easy or over the top as you wish. These five tips give you a lot of budget options, as well as fun days out for all.



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