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When you’re re-designing your child’s room, it’s worth taking a step back and thinking about some of the essential items that should be in there. You want your child’s bedroom to symbolise a range of things; it needs to be a safe place, a relaxing place and a stimulating place too. It can be a balancing act when trying to make your child’s bedroom all of these things at once, but there are a few items that should be prioritised, in order to make the room a place your child actually enjoys being in.

A Comfy Bed

This sounds obvious, but having a bed for your child that is comfy, relaxing and doesn’t make them run away when you utter the words ‘bed time’ is crucial. Making sure that your children are able to have a good night’s sleep makes a difference to their performance at school and their general mood for the next day. When children are still developing, they need a comfortable bed that helps them to achieve an optimal amount of hours sleep, as sleep is an important factor that can affect their health and wellbeing.

A desk

Your child needs a good place for them to buckle down and concentrate on their homework. A desk gives them space to put their stationary and papers and creates a formal space for them to work. It can be difficult for children to concentrate if they’re trying to do their work on the sofa or at the kitchen table amongst the hustle and bustle of the household. Desks allow children to tap into school-mode and give them their own workstation, where they can fully concentrate away from distractions.

Stimulating Decoration

A boring, drab room will mean that your children will want to spend as little time in their bedroom as possible, which isn’t good for the overall running of your household. Use bright colours to make their bedroom vibrant and full of energy or design a theme for their room with your child’s input. You could transform their room into a Space station, Hogwarts or an underwater kingdom. Effective decoration and accessories can be a great way to get your child’s imagination running wild and their creative juices flowing.


There’s no doubting that your child will have accumulated a lot of toys and bits and bobs over time, but where is it all going to go? Having adequate storage in your child’s room is essential. Buying colourful and attractive storage boxes is a great way to store your child’s items. You can also teach your children the importance of organising their things and keeping their room tidy…hopefully it’ll work!


It’s a good idea to showcase your child’s achievements and things that they’re proud of in their room. Handmade arts and crafts that they’ve made at school can give their bedroom a sentimental, personal touch and they’ll look around and be reminded of what they can accomplish. Most importantly, ask your child what they’d like in their room too! Having your child’s input on a room focuses on them and makes the room look less clinical and more lived in. Your child should be able to add their personality to a room and their own bedroom is a chance for them to express themselves.


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