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Get crafty with your little ones on February 14th with these Valentine’s Day craft ideas…

Crayon Valentine’s Hearts

What you need:

Selection of old crayons (the more variation of colours the better and make sure you remove any paper labels)

Sharp Knife


Silicone Heart Mould


Place the crayons on a chopping board and chop them into little bits (don’t let your little one’s help you with this!). Get your little one/s to place the chopped-up crayons into a bowl and mix them up.  Then pop a selection of the broken crayons evenly into each silicone heart mould. Bake the mould at 250 degrees for about 15 minutes (until all the crayons have melted). Allow to cool completely before pushing them out of the moulds. Hey presto, you have multi-coloured crayon hearts, ready to draw with or give out as Valentine’s gift at school.

Celery Stick Flower Painting

What you need:

A few bunches of celery (Cut the celery almost to the bottom- make sure they are all the same length so they print better on paper)



Paint brush


This is a very simple and fun way for your kids to create a flower picture for Valentine’s Day. Start by getting your little one to paint flower stalks onto their paper. They then simply need to dip the celery into the paint they have chosen for the petals, making sure the tops are completely covered, and firmly press the celery onto the paper (above the stalks). There you have it – a beautiful Valentine’s flower picture made using celery.


Glitter Glue Window Decoration

What you need:

Glitter Glue

Double Sided Tape

Plastic Sleeve (the type you use for paperwork)


Using the glitter glue, get your child to draw pictures of hearts (or anything Valentine’s related) directly onto one side of the plastic sleeve. For younger children, you may want to draw the images yourself on a piece of paper and slip the paper inside the plastic sleeve for them to trace. Once the glue has dried, carefully peel the pictures off the sleeve. Using the double-sided tape, stick them to your windows to decorate your home, ready for Valentine’s Day.


Valentine’s Love Bug Card

What you need:

Paper – white and coloured

Washable Paint

Googly Eyes

Black Pen


Fold the white paper in half to create a card. Get your child to cover their hand in a paint colour of their choice, then carefully place their hand on the front of the card – creating the body of the love bug with the palm of the hand and the legs as the fingers. Either you or your child (dependent on age) should then cut heart shapes out of the coloured paper and stick to either side of the hand print to create the wings of the love bug. Once the paint dries they can draw on a face, add googly eyes and draw on antennas to personalise their love bug Valentine’s card.

Heart Tube Stamp

What you need:

Toilet or Kitchen Roll

Red Paint


To create a fantastic heart stamp for your children to decorate their Valentine’s cards with, you (or your little one) simply needs to bend the roll lengthways to create the shape of a heart. Once you have created your desired shape, paint the end of the roll in red paint and simply stamp the image onto anything you like – easy peasy!

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