Ever get fed up of hearing “I’m bored” or just want to do something other than watch TV? Here is a list of 5 low cost fun, whatever the weather activities that might just help you.

1. Hold an indoor car wash. All you need is some soapy water, a nail brush/paint brush and a tea towel. You can even play in the bath if you want to. Just set your children up with a washing up bowl with soapy water and let them scrub their toy cars clean. Got some toys that need a wash?  The more the merrier, throw them in the water too and scrub away! This activity is a big favourite with my children and when the weather is good you can send this activity outside too!

2. Have a teddy bears picnic. Get out all the toys, some plastic bowls/plates and some simple snacks (biscuits and fruit normally go down well) and hold a teddy bears picnic. This also works with Barbies and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (disclaimer, you may need pizza for the turtles – sorry about that!)

3.  Have a Dance Party. Crank up the stereo and challenge your kids to a dance off. Not only is it fun but it’s exercise too – two in one!

4. Stick pieces of paper together to create one large sheet. Then draw around the kids and get them to colour the outlines in (this is easier if you have left over wallpaper or similar because it saves on sticking things together). You can also use old magazines/catalogues to create a fun collage.  Work in teams or solo to create life size pieces of art.

5. Get the kids to help you clean the house. It mind sound like a chore but you can make this chore fun. Give each child a short list of chores you want them to do. Even small children can do simple chores but things like, tidy their toys, pick up dirty laundry, fold clean laundry, dust basic areas in the house and unload the dishwasher. make a list that they can tick off as they go and be prepared to offer each child a small reward for their time. I find a special snack usually works (popcorn is normally a winner in this house). You keep the kids busy and get some chores done too!


Written by our regular contributor Annwen.

Website: http://www.realsuburbanmummy.com
Twitter: @suburban1mummy

All views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Room To Grow.

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