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In the era of Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media hubs, are you even having a baby if you don’t announce it in the most adorable way possible? We’ve seen so many amazing announcement ideas it makes us want to have another baby just so we can come up with our own. Here are our top five faves:


A Shoe In

Is there anything cuter than tiny baby shoes? We think everyone can agree that the answer is ‘no, there is not’. Make the most of this undeniable fact with a baby announcement line-up that is too darling for words.


Creature Comforts

Since so many of us decide to practise parenting by adopting a furry friend first, what better way of announcing a new arrival than via your first furbaby? We’ve seen a lot of animal baby announcements but our favourite one labels the new baby as a pet human! Too cute.

Big Brother

If you’ve already got a little one, making use of them in your announcement can up the cuteness factor by millions. We love a Big Brother or Sister promotion tee – not only does it announce your baby in a really cute way, it also helps to ease any worries your eldest might have by making them feel super important.


The Sidekick

Another *super* cute way to make use of an older sibling is by announcing the new baby as an incoming sidekick for your existing mini superhero (bonus points if you can make your baby announcement look like a movie poster). Expectant movie buffs and comic book nerds take note!


A Bun in the Oven

Talking of cryptic, what better way to announce you have a bun in the oven than with a picture of – well – a bun in an oven! Send this to your friends and relatives with absolutely no context whatsoever and enjoy the surprise and delight on their faces when they finally get the message.

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