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Instead of scurrying around the shops, desperately looking for something that your children can give to their Daddy this Father’s Day, (18th June, in case you had forgotten!), why not get a little bit crafty, and get your kids involved in some DIY Daddy’s Day pressies? SO much better than an M&S card and a novelty tie, don’t you think?

 King for The Day

Every Daddy deserves to feel like a King for at least one day! Let your kids make him his very own, hand-made crown, that he can proudly place atop his head for the entire day. Use magazines cuttings of his favourite things and photos of the family to decorate and personalise the crown. Find out how to craft the crown here.

Medal of Honour

 Make Father’s Day extra special by getting your kids to award their Daddy with a ‘World’s Greatest Dad!” medal. You could even make an event of it, creating a real-life awards ceremony, with each child giving a speech on all the wonderful things Daddy does! The medal is super simple to create too, take a look here.

Daddy’s Personalised Pennies Plate

If you know a Daddy that loves to carry around tons of change in his pockets, jingling and jangling as he walks, then getting your kids to make and personalise a penny plate for him where he can dispose of his mountain of coins is a great idea. The plate is made using clay and personalised with your child’s fingerprints – just gorgeous.

I Love You This Much

A perfect Father’s Day card, made by your kids, using their own hands as a template. Take a look at the How-To here.

Footprint Keepsake

No child is too little to get involved with some Father’s Day crafting, even a teeny tiny one. Create a simple but beautiful keepsake using your new-born’s scrumptious foot to make an impression on a salt dough canvas.

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