Bringing home a new baby is an exciting time for the whole family. After months of preparation and anticipation, your little one is finally here. In order to make the first year more relaxing, safe, and enjoyable, make sure you have these five essential items for your baby’s nursery.


#1 Appropriate Lighting

Your new born is not concerned about whether it is day or night; they seem to sleep all the time. However, a night-light is essential to help you find your way to their crib for those middle-of-the-night feedings. As your infant gets a bit older, the glow from an overhead light with a dimmer switch will help them distinguish the difference between day and night and, hopefully, sleep through until morning.

#2 Adequate, Open Storage

When you have your hands full of a wiggling baby, it is extremely difficult to open drawers and doors. The answer is open baskets and bins for storing your nursery items such as diapers, blankets, and clothing. Use a bookshelf to hold colourful containers that match your nursery theme. Set the containers on their side so that you can easily access folded items.

#3 A Fan

If your ceiling light includes a fan, that is wonderful. If not, consider a free-standing fan. A fan serves multiple purposes in baby’s room:

  • If it is hot during naptime, a fan keeps baby cool.
  • A fan is a source of white noise that will help baby sleep and dims normal household noises.
  • Research has shown that young infants who sleep in bedrooms with fans have a lower risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS); the risk decreases by more than 70%.

#4 Humidifier

When your baby has a cold or congestion, a humidifier allows easier breathing and helps your baby sleep better. Make sure you choose a model with a filter and one that is easy to clean. Change the water each time you use your humidifier. You can add a few drops of essential oil such as eucalyptus directly into the water or into the medicine well if the model you choose has one.

#5 A Rocking Chair or Glider

Your infant’s nursery should have a comfortable rocking chair or glider for holding, feeding, and comforting your infant. These chairs provide are very different:

  • A rocker is propelled by your feet and the motion is back and forth. Make sure you purchase a sturdy model that will last. Remember that children as old as six love to sit in a parent’s lap for story time.
  • A glider moves back and forth on a track. The motion is smoother than with a traditional rocker. Consider purchasing a matching ottoman so you can prop up your feet once baby falls asleep. Some glider models convert to a regular chair when no longer needed in the nursery.

Whether you choose a traditional rocker or a glider, the back-and-forth movement of these chairs is both soothing and sleep inducing.

The first few years of your infant’s live are sure to be not only safer, but also more comfortable and convenient if your baby’s nursery is equipped with these five essential items.

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