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In recent years, it’s fair to say, that children’s parties have taken on a life of their own. With some parents forking out hundreds of pounds on cakes, balloons and not to mention party bags, the prospect of throwing a successful party for your little one can be daunting. But you really don’t need to splash the cash to create a brilliant birthday bash – take a look at some of our ideas below.

Bread Painting

This enjoyable, if slightly unhealthy, game can either be played just for fun, or as a competition, with the child who has created the best ‘bread art’ winning a prize.

First you need to create the paint. This is made from a mixture of granulated sugar (about a tablespoon), a squirt of food colouring and a tablespoon of hot water. You want to make the mixture thick and sugary so the bread doesn’t get too soggy. Once you have created all the colours you require, simply give each child a piece of white bread and a paint brush and get them to create their artwork. After the crafting is over, the bread can be eaten!

Jelly Worms

Why not add a little twist to the traditional party jelly and ice cream by creating some super simple jelly worms. Place as many straws as you can fit into a jar, vertically. Create your desired jelly mix and carefully pour it into each straw. Once the jelly has set, simply hold the straws under some warm water and the worms will slip out – perfect for a bug themed party!

Treasure Hunting

Whether your little one is an aspiring pirate or a beach fanatic, this game is easy to set up and simple to play. Beware though, sand gets everywhere, so probably best to play this outside.

Simply fill up one large bucket (or more depending on party size) with sand, and bury various treats within the bucket. Obviously, you need to make sure any food related prizes are sand resistant, i.e. wrapped. Each child is given a small trowel and they must take it in turns to dig for treasure.

Fruit Magic Wands

Whilst all good parties should be full of naughty sugary bits, having a selection of healthy treats on offer is also a good idea, especially if they look cute! Magic wands are easy to create using watermelon, blueberries and skewers. Cut the watermelon into slices, then using a star-shaped cutter, turn the slices into stars. Thread 10 blueberries onto each skewer and top with the watermelon star. Cover and keep in the fridge until needed.

The Chopstick Game

A frustrating but fun game, that requires absolutely no work at all! Fill a bowl with maltesers. Divide the party into teams, each team is given a bowl filled with maltesers (or if you want a less chocolatey based game, you can replace the maltesers with peanuts or chickpeas), enough chopsticks for each player and an empty bowl. Using the chopsticks, the teams have to try and put as many maltesers into the empty bowl as possible in a minute. The winning team is the one that gets the most!

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