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Traditional pink and blue rooms for girls and boys are becoming less popular and a current trend is to have gender neutral bedrooms. Bedrooms that have colours to appeal to both genders increase individuality and with children’s minds and tastes often changing, it’s the best way to keep your child happy for longer! Here are some top decorating tips for creating a gender-neutral bedroom for your little ones and tweens…

Primary colours

Choosing one or two primary colours to decorate a bedroom will help you achieve a gender-neutral space. Picking colours such as red and blue, you’re able to give the room a nautical feel, or going for yellow and orange shades you can start creating a safari themed room. A theme is a great starting point and then you can select bedding and furniture to go with this choice. Our Great Escape bed in white would work as a great centre-piece for a colourful bedroom regardless of the theme you decide on.


Does your little one have a favourite book? If the colour of your child’s bedroom is neutral, framing some illustrations from their favourite book is a great way to add a personal touch. Whether this is Alice in Wonderland or The Gruffalo, books never have to be gender specific.

Pick a theme

The great thing about decorating a gender-neutral bedroom is that themes don’t have to be limited and can range from animals and superheroes to monochrome and sea life. Choose neutral coloured furniture  and create a theme around it by incorporating themed accessories, such a cushions and duvet sets. If you do change your mind in the future a natural bed will still complement the new colour scheme so it’s a great investment.

Furniture for the future

Gender neutral finishes are far more timeless in comparison to a coloured bed for instance. If you’re buying kid’s furniture for a nursery, choose neutral shades in case you need to reuse for future siblings. You’ll be able to make it personal for each child with accessories such as bedding, curtains or a cosy throw on the end of their bed. Our Double Dreamer Bookcase comes in 8 colour options and is a great piece of furniture for a child’s bedroom, and is made to last a lifetime.

Wall stickers

Why not use wall stickers for versatile decorations? Wall stickers are a perfect way to appeal to both genders without costly room décor changes. From nature scenes to sport activities, growing children can choose what appeals to them, and can change the stickers as they grow up.

We’d love to hear your tips for creating a gender-neutral bedroom! Share them with us on Twitter or Facebook.

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