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There is no better way to make your child feel special and loved, than to give their bedroom a personalised make-over. You can go big or small, bold or subtle, whatever you choose, your little one is sure to love it. Here are a few suggestions from us:

Personalised Bed

Your kid’s bed  is always going to be the focal point of their bedroom, so what better place to add a personal touch and make your child feel extra special. We have a number of gorgeously designed personalised beds to choose from. Our Ollie Star Bed includes under bed storage or a trundle bed drawer option. Or what about our football fanatic fave, from our Legend collection? The personalised shirt at the foot end of the bed can even been painted in your child’s favourite team colour.


Does your child have a favourite book or hobby? Pick something that your child absolutely adores, and use this to help shape their bedroom design. For example, if your little one is mad about The Minions, you could paint a feature wall yellow, buy a yellow duvet cover (or even a Minion themed one) and hang pictures of Minions on the wall. If you are concerned that the chosen theme might be too much of a colour overload, especially adorning all 4 walls (think Peppa Pig), then you can just focus on the accessories, like cushions, rugs, duvets or framed pictures. You really can go as wild or mild as you fancy.

The Name of The Game

Hone your crafty side and create your child’s very own framed name/letter picture. There are hundreds of ideas on Pinterest, but one our personal favourites is the Crayons Letter. Take a look at a ‘How To’ video here.

Blank Canvas

Or, if the idea of arts and crafting makes you groan out loud, then get your child to personalise their own room. Wait…this isn’t as mad as it sounds. Paint one of their bedroom walls in blackboard paint, buy a collection of different coloured chalks and let your kids go mad. They can draw anything they want, and what’s more – it’s not permanent, win win!

Whose Door is This?

Paint your child’s bedroom door their favourite colour, outside and in. Not only will it help a younger child identify their room but it will really put a stamp on their space. You can make them feel extra special by framing pieces of their work. Perhaps their favourite art class painting or a short story they have written, and hang them on their door, creating a little personal art gallery.

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