Phew! Summer holidays can be ex-haust-ing. While it’s lovely to be able to spend time together, go on holiday, or enjoy the sunny weather, keeping the kids entertained during all the in-between times can be a tad overwhelming. Well take a deep breath because it’s nearly over and you’ve got all this to look forward to…



When was the last time you were able to take a long, relaxing bath? Or any bath that wasn’t interrupted by yelling, someone needing the toilet, or bath toys in unexpected places? The kids going back to school is the perfect opportunity to pack in some much-needed me-time; take a long bath, treat yourself to a face mask or foot spa, go and get a massage or a haircut – anything you need to wind down after a busy summer.



Not that all your time should be spent solo, of course. While you may have seen your friends and their own kids over the holidays, now’s the perfect time to hang out adults-only. Go for a boozy brunch (or a tasty one if you don’t drink!) and revel in being able to have a conversation where you don’t have to spell out the swears.



When your days are occupied with inflating paddling pools and trying to work out museum maps, life admin can get left behind. If worries about bills, unanswered emails, or neglected family members are weighing you down, using your new free time to get a bit of admin done can help you feel much more relaxed.



Was the last thing you read a bedtime story? Put your feet up and get to work on that book you’ve been meaning to finish. There’s nothing like a page-turner for taking our minds off the real world and helping us to de-stress.



Of course, with the kids at school and a few more free hours during the day you could always just – you know – do nothing? Go on, we won’t tell anyone.

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