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If a bedroom is inspiring and imaginative enough, a child can happily spend hours in there playing and studying. A bright and colourful room should do the trick! Here are 5 ways to add a splash of colour to your child’s bedroom…

A lick of paint

A lick of paint can instantly bring a child’s room to life. Whether this is all over or a statement wall, a splash of paint can change the atmosphere and really brighten up the place! Vibrant colours are all well and good, however it’s important to keep the room calm and a peaceful place for them to be able to sleep and play nicely, so why not incorporate brighter colours with their bedding and room accessories?

Psst… Our gorgeous wooden  kid’s furniture  comes in 8 beautiful deluxe paint finishes for you to choose from! Our bed collections also come in a range of different colours. 

Colourful storage

We all know how much children love to keep and collect things and before you know it they have an endless amount of teddies, toys and random items you don’t know where to put it all! Bright storage boxes may be your answer to getting organised as well as brightening up your child’s room.

Pop of colour

Fun and colourful accessories are a great way to brighten up a child’s bedroom. Our go-to place for inspiration is Pinterest – there are hundreds of boards showing you lots of different ways to add a pop of colour to a child’s bedroom with vibrant accessories – our quirky alarm clocks are a perfect example!

A fun theme

Allow your child to be as creative and imaginative as possible with a themed bedroom. Our Legend Personalised Football Bed would be a great starting point, and then you can gradually add their favourite football team colours to the room to brighten up the space.

Mix and match

Why not experiment with colours and see what happens? Putting unexpected colours together such as pink and green or yellow and blue could surprise you. This would be a fun activity for you and your child to take part in together, giving them a sense of involvement in the decorating process of their bedroom.

We’d love to hear your ideas – have you recently given your little one’s bedroom a colourful new makeover? Tweet us @roomtogrowbeds.

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