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Remember, remember, hot chocolate and embers – Bonfire Night is on its way! Whether your little ones love the sparklers, the cosy clothes, the big bangs, or the winter warmer sweet treats, the fifth of November is one of the most exciting days in any family’s calendar.

Of course all those pyrotechnics do come with risks though, and it’s important to follow these top tips to make sure your children are kept safe this Bonfire Night.

Stay Close

If you often visit your local display, you’ll know how busy Fireworks Night can get and how easy it is to lose each other in the dark. Make sure to keep little ones close; if you use reins, these can be great for making sure no one wanders off, while bright and reflective clothing is a good idea for picking each other out in a crowd. Glow sticks and glowing accessories can also help you keep track of your brood, as well as being super fun!

Keep Your Distance

Whether you’ve got a bonfire at home or you’re going to a local Fireworks Night, make sure to remind your family to stay well back from both the fire and the display. Not only can the noise be too frightening for little ones up close, but bonfires also give out a lot more heat than people often imagine. Stay well back from the main display and enjoy the show from a safe distance.

Sparkle Time


Sparklers are one of the best bits of Bonfire Night but it’s important to remember that they aren’t appropriate for children under five. Make sure children are wearing gloves and remind them to keep the sparkler at arm’s length and don’t wave it in anyone’s face. It’s also a good idea to have somewhere safe to dispose of the sparklers such as a bucket of cold water or sand to prevent any accidents or burns.

Wrap Up


In all the excitement of a display, we can forget just how cold it gets standing outside on a November night. Make sure children are wrapped up warm with lots of layers, gloves, scarves, and hats – especially if they’re very little. Proper shoes are also important as the ground at displays can often get muddy with so many people walking around – there’s nothing worse than cold, wet feet!

Home Displays

While putting on Fireworks Night at home can be fun, the risks are obviously a lot higher than visiting your local professional display. Remind children to stay well back and to never approach a firework that has been lit, even if it looks as though it’s not working. Remember to check what category of fireworks you’re using; Category 2 requires a safe distance of eight metres, Category 3 requires a safe distance of fifteen metres. If your garden isn’t big enough to keep to these distances, why not set up a cosy living room den where the little ones can watch the fireworks from inside? Think a big pile of cushions and throws, comfy pyjamas, and a hot chocolate with marshmallows – fun and safe.

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