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Personalising your child’s bedroom with their name will make them feel loved. Whether that is stencilling their name on the wall, the bedroom door or their furniture, their room will instantly become unique. For something extra special, take a look at our gorgeous range of personalised beds, beautifully handcrafted, in a range of colours, with your child’s name on the footboard. We even have our Legend Personalised bed, not only can you add your child’s name, but the football shirt at the foot of the bed, can be painted in your child’s favourite team colour.


Blackboard Wall

What better way to add character to your child’s bedroom than getting them to do it themselves. Blackboard paint allows you to turn any wall into a blackboard, giving your child a whole wall to decorate in whatever way they choose. And when they are bored of that, they can just wipe the picture away and start again.

Simply paint, using blackboard paint, over the desired area in your child’s room, allow to dry and hey presto – their very own chalkboard. You can even buy dustless chalk, to prevent the dust spreading around the bedroom.

Art Gallery

As a parent, we are often inundated with our children’s various and ‘interesting’ pieces of art. There is simply not enough room on the fridge to display all of their wonderful creations, and some are so good, they deserve their very own spot. So, create an art gallery of their work in their bedroom. Pick a few of your/their favourites, frame them, and choosing one bedroom wall, start to put them up. As they grow, so will their art work and their art gallery.


Often, we naturally err towards choosing plain kid’s bed frames for our children’s rooms. This allows your child to change the look of their bedroom as their tastes mature, without you having to buy a new bed frame because it simply doesn’t fit their new ‘Harry Potter’ themed room! But you can add character to the room using duvets, they are much simpler to change and kinder on your pockets. We have a range of duvets, including our Trucks and Digger Set and our Flower Fairy set.


Reading Corner

If bedroom space permits, create a quiet, tranquil space for your little one to curl up with their favourite book. Fill the corner with soft cushions, bean bags and maybe even a children’s sofa. Add some soft lighting, and most importantly, books.

Magnetic Wall

Similar idea to the blackboard wall, but a bit more impressive, and requires more work to create. You need to purchase a sheet of metal (cut to the size you require), make holes in the sheet, and using nails, hammer them onto the wall. And there you have it, a magnetic wall. You can buy magnetic letters to create a giant alphabet wall, and encourage your younger children to practice their spelling, or they can simply use the wall to display their collection of magnets!

Wall Decals

Wall decals are a fabulous way of adding character to a room very quickly. They take the fuss out of stencilling, as they are simply a very large sticker that you can affix to any part of the bedroom. Room to Grow have a fantastic range of free wall stickers, under the sea and transport to woodland friends and knight’s tale, you will definitely find one to fit your little one’s taste.


For an instant facelift to brighten up the room, try a spot of refurbishment, and turn your child’s old furniture, into something brand new. You can sand down and repaint the furniture, or try something a bit more daring, and cover the furniture in patterned wallpaper. Just a little tip though, don’t cover the whole item in wallpaper, that will really hurt the eyes, perhaps just choose one section e.g. the back panel of a bookshelf.


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