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If there is one thing that the word Easter conjures up in all of us, it’s chocolate! Whilst swimming in chocolate is perhaps a dream that we have all had at one time or another, when it comes to keeping your children’s diet on the healthier side, Easter can become a bit of a nightmare. So, try creating some of these alternative, chocolate-free treats for you and your family to enjoy this Easter. Even with the absence of chocolate, they are absolutely delicious, we promise!

Banana Biscuits

These are super easy to make and don’t require tons of weird and wonderful ingredients – take a look at the recipe here.

Sugar Free Carrot Cake

This delicious recipe uses xylitol, a natural sweetener made from the bark of birch trees, instead of sugar. So there really is no excuse not to enjoy this carrot cake this Easter!

Lemony Easter Chicks

Ok, so this one isn’t exactly on the healthy side, but everyone deserves a treat now and then. The whole family can get involved in making these cute meringue chicks.

Easter Bunny Pancakes

Elevate the humble pancake into this delicious Easter version, complete with banana ears and strawberry nose. You can find the recipe here.

Devilish Chicks

Perhaps less suitable for the fussier eaters in your family (the recipe includes pimento stuffed olives) but delicious and very cute none-the-less. Try this Easter take on devilled eggs here.

Honey-Glazed Bunny Biscuits

Delicious, cute and Easter themed, what more could you want?! Start baking now.

Yoghurt Easter Egg Popsicles

This recipe simply requires yoghurt, granola, blueberries and raspberries, and they look beautiful. Take a look here.

Carrot Patches

These are so easy to make but they look pretty impressive, and will hopefully encourage your little ones to start munching on their carrots! Find out how here.

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