Summer days, driftin’ away but – oh – how on earth to keep kids cool when they’re playing in the sun? From beach holidays to garden picnics, sunburn, sunstroke and dehydration are always a niggling worry in the back of any parents head but they needn’t be if you soak up these handy tips for keeping little ones cool in summer.


Make Hydration Fun

Out of all our summer concerns, keeping kids hydrated is one of the bigger ones – especially as it can be hard to get them to drink a lot of boring old water. Instead of trying to get them to down jugs of H20, why not make rehydrating a little bit more fun? Add fruit to squash to make child-friendly pimms or make virgin cocktails with yummy fruit juice and ice. They’ll feel like little grown ups as well as staying hydrated at the same time.

More Paddle, Less Bored

Can’t afford a holiday this year and not lucky enough to live near water? That’s still no excuse not to give the kids some super cool outdoor play time; all you have to do is invest in a paddling pool for the back garden. Fill it with water, balls and inflatable toys to give your home an instant holiday feel. Best of all, paddling pools can be picked up relatively cheaply so you won’t have to splash out (sorry).

Water Fight!

Don’t fancy a paddling pool? Grab a couple of super soakers instead and prepare for a battle royale in the rockery! You can let kids loose on each other or set up tin cans and other targets to be knocked down on your very own mini shooting range.

Parlour Games

A quick swim aside, we know no better way to cool down in summer than with a delicious ice cream. Don’t wait until you hear the local ice cream van outside, why gather the kids in the kitchen and make your own? If ice cream is too tricky or time-consuming, try making ice lollies instead. You can use squash or juice or even make lollies out of real fruit for a healthy snack; we love these cute watermelon and kiwi delights from Karis Layne.

Sprinkler Races

Got sprinklers in your garden? Water the plants and the kids at the same time with super fun sprinkler races. All the kids have to do is get from one end of the garden to the other without getting soaked. Of course if you should happen to accidentally lean on the sprinkler’s ‘On’ button… well that just can’t be helped, can it?


It goes without saying but sun cream is an absolute must in summer, especially for sensitive young skin. Opt for a high factor or seek out specialist children and baby sunscreens if your little one is very young.

Take Cover

Even with sunscreen applied, it’s a good idea to invest in some comfy, loose coveralls if you’re going to be out in the sun all day. Grab some light t-shirts or dresses for toddlers to keep them covered up and protected from burning.

Throw Some Shade

Of course at certain times of the day, there’s not much you can do to cool down except seek some shade. If you’re going to be out and about in the midday sun, make sure to take something little ones can sit under like a parasol, beach umbrella or tent that will give them somewhere to cool off. We personally love our Wild West Wigwam for providing the perfect shady hideaway.

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