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As January rolls around, we’re bombarded with ways to make the new year a better one. While the fresh start is a fab excuse to make healthy improvements you didn’t make last year, we’re not such big fans of the pressure brought on by Perfect January! Plus, who keeps New Year’s Resolutions anyway?

Here are some of the classic resolutions all parents make at the start of every year…


We will be more healthy

Like everyone else in January, parents get the health bug brought on by the massive wave of diet, healthy eating, and exercise products hitting the stores. Only, this time, parents have whole families to think about. While we can’t deny that trying to eat more healthily or exercise more often is only ever a good thing for kids, don’t be too hard on yourself – a little pizza can be good too sometimes!

Trust us, all of these people want pizza.


I will spend less time working

All career parents will recognise this one. Having kids and a full-time job at the same time is harder than most people give credit for and lots of working parents feel pressure to give up aspects of their career in order to spend more time with their children. Unfortunately this isn’t always possible for parents whose family relies on their income. The truth is, only you can decide on the best balance for your family. Try to set aside a clear time for work and for family, and stick to it. This way everyone knows what’s what and you can draw up the best plan to suit both your career and your kids.


I will prepare the night before

Ah the old school run rush. It keeps us young, right!? Wrong! Last minute homework, uniform washing, and lunch making can be oh-so stressful if it’s every morning – that’s why so many parents resolve to start getting everything in order in the evenings so that mornings can be easy and havoc-free. If you’re anything like us though this normally only lasts until the end of February and then it’s back to daily morning chaos.

“Okay tomorrow we’ll plan everything in advance…”

I will stick to my guns

How many times have you set a new rule or threatened discipline under certain circumstances only to go back on it five minutes later? Don’t worry, this means you are a Normal Parent. Not that that stops us promising ourselves every January that this year – THIS YEAR – will be the year we finally stick to everything we say. Except if Sophie locks herself in her room or Ollie’s screaming in public again or…



Ah this old chestnut, often vowed through gritted teeth! Patience is a virtue as they say and not one it’s always easy for parents to keep up. If you struggle with staying patient when your kids are playing up, try to practise techniques that help you keep calm; breathing exercises and counting have always worked for us. And try not to put too much pressure on yourself to be a serene Instagram-style parent all the time. You’re doing just fine as you are.

“This is fine. Everything’s fine.”

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