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Whilst most of us would probably love to get our hands on our children’s messy, grubby bedrooms, sadly, we don’t all have the vision of Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen or the finances of Kate and William or, indeed, the time! However, if you want to give you little one’s room a bit of a make-over, then bedroom accessories can make a huge difference with very little cost or time involved.


Wall Decals

Super easy to apply, wall decals come in a huge variety of designs covering literally every single possible passion your child could have. From safari animals to robot dinosaurs, you are sure to find one that suits your little one’s tastes. To apply, you simply need to pull back the protective layer and stick to your chosen place on the wall.  An instant facelift!


Art Wall

What better way to add a touch of personality to a room than put your child’s favourite pieces of self-created art on the wall. Using different sized and coloured frames, frame each picture and place on one wall of their bedroom, much like an art gallery. You can then add to the display as they create more masterpieces.


Soft Furnishings

Throws, rugs, cushions and duvet sets can add a splash of colour to your kid’s room without causing a complete decoration overhaul. They are also perfect if your child (or you) has rapidly changing tastes, as they can be replaced quickly with minimal effort.


Personality Shelves

Display your little one’s passions and projects by installing some new shelves. These can be filled with their trophies, special toys, art projects, Lego structures, basically anything they are proud of and want to show off.



 Choose fun, creative lighting fixtures or lampshades to add pops of colour or personality to your child’s bedroom. Adding dimmers to switches also help control the mood of the room. At night, the lights can be lowered so the room is bathed in a warm glow, perfect for bedtime stories. In the day the lights can be brighter, creating a fantastic, light space for playing or homework.

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