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If you and your child are keen on adding some accessories to their room to make it more liveable and more fun, then this blog article is for you. We scoured the Internet to find some excellent accessorizing ideas that we believe will fit any budget and make any child’s bedroom a lot more interesting. In fact, there’s really no reason to have to spend all sorts of big bucks on your child’s room when you’re accessorizing if you follow our tips and use a little bit of common sense. With that in mind, enjoy.

Lamps big and small can add a lot of character to any child’s bedroom. Depending on their age you will of course need to make sure that they are stable and can’t easily tip. Finding lamps that you can decorate on your own is easy if you go to charity shops and take a look around. Look for colours that match your child’s décor, style and taste.

Cork bulletin boards as well as erasable white boards can be found at most office stores or department stores and can allow your child to not only be creative and express themselves but also pin pictures and other things up without damaging the walls and putting pinholes all over the place. If you purchase one with a wood frame you can also let them paint it in whatever color they like as well as spraying a light coating on the cork board itself.

Plastic baskets and bins can be found in all sorts of colors and used to store practically anything that your child might have in their room. This also has the added bonus of allowing them to easily straighten up their room in minutes. Placing them lower for smaller kids is a good idea.

Adding lots of shelving to their room using basic brackets and low cost wooden shelves will give your kids plenty of display area for their toys, awards, photos and any other possessions that they wish to display. If you have the time and energy they can also be painted to match the color of the room.

Most kids love being able to play around on the floor and so having a fun and colourful throw or rug as well as plenty of different shapes and coloured cushions can make for a great play area. If you have several children these can be handed down as they get older and so used again and again.

Removable vinyl wall art has really come of age and today you can find vinyl stickers that are practically life-size and will really make an impact on a child’s wall. You can also combine different stickers to make amazing scenes like underwater, jungle and ‘space’ scenes, depending on what your child likes.

Finding dressers and bedside tables that match your child’s taste is great and there are plenty of options out there. You can also find used furniture at second hand shops and you can let the kids paint it in whatever color they like. Buying some stickers to put on the dressers is also a great idea if you haven’t spent a fortune on their furniture. (Even if you have you can still let them if you like!)

A really quick and easy way to update your child’s furniture is to replace the old knobs with new ones that are either themed or in different colors. It’s much cheaper than buying new furniture, that’s for sure. Of course, if it’s been a long time since you purchased new furniture for their room it might not be a bad investment, especially if they need a new desk and chair for studying.

We hope that this blog has given you some fantastic ideas and that, no matter what you do, you and your child are happy with the results. Depending on their taste (and your budget) you should be able to really give them a room that fits their personality. Best of luck.




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