These days, with the popularly of social media, it seems that the easiest way to announce to the world that you are pregnant, is to put it on your facebook page. I remember, many years ago when we thought we would never have a child, how painful it was to be suddenly confronted with someone elses happy news, when our news always seemed to be so sad. I remember defriending pregnant friends as I couldn’t bear hearing about the progress of their pregnancies and the news of their new baby being born. I felt it would never happy for me and it seemed that every day someone new was making a new annoucement.

When I finally became pregnant, I was really keen to make my announcement too, and the first 12 weeks seemed to take forever. I was so proud when I could finally tell people, and didn’t think twice about how other people would feel about reading my news, bearing in mind the struggles we had to get there.

Years on I am now pregnant with my third child, who was conceived in one month! This time, I am far more aware of the feelings of others and so decided not to announce the news directly on my facebook page, but instead on my personal blog. I felt it was less “in people’s faces” that way, since people would have to actively go to my blog rather than having it thrust upon them on their facebook timeline.



A friend of mine has been trying for a child for many years, and I kept this in mind when telling people about my news. I think if possible, it’s best to tell people in person, and I was very careful about how I broke the news to her, having been in that position once myself. Obviously I had to tell her as otherwise she would find out some other way, and she thanked me for thinking of her feelings and said it had made the whole thing much easier for her to take in.

So please, before you announce your news, think about how it may affect others who are less fortunate than you – even though of course they will be happy for you ultimately.


Written by our regular contributor Heather.

Website: http://www.pret-a-mummy.com
Twitter: @bargainmummy1

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