Expect pinches, punches, and pranks because April 1st is upon us and things are about to get tricky. This year, don’t sit back and let the kids play all the pranks on you – browse our list for some fun pranks you can play on them instead.

Pranks for Kids

● Oopsie daisy – After your little ones have gone to bed, turn all the pictures in the house upside down and wait to see how long it takes them to notice in the morning. Or, go one step further and turn everything upside down – furniture included!

● Here’s lookin’ at you kid – Buy a pack of googly eyes and stick a pair on every single thing in your fridge. This one takes a bit of work but is worth it for the look on your little ones face when they see their breakfast looking back at them. This prank is also super versatile, you can stick googly eyes on everything in your little one’s lunch box or school bag too!

● Fake Milk – Does your little one drink milk in the morning? Replace it with your own concoction of milk, condensed milk, vanilla, and gelatin (or agar agar for veggies) to make a glass of milk that just won’t pour (but is still totally edible and delicious)! For extra fun, set the milk jelly in a bowl with cereal to really confuse them or play the same trick with jelly juice.

Pranks for Mum or Dad

Of course it’s far more fun to team up with your kids and play a prank on another unsuspecting adult instead…

● Work Run Fun – Does mum or dad drive to work? Stick a sign on the back of their car (using blu tack or something that won’t damage the paintwork) that says ‘This is my mum/dad, beep her/him and say “Hi _____ !”’ Complete with their name and you’ll have them thinking they’ve suddenly become famous that morning.

● April Mayo – For a truly gross-out prank, switch mum or dad’s toothpaste with mayo overnight then hide when they go to brush their teeth… yuck!

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