We’ve already brought you the most adorable ways to let your family know you’re expecting but today we’re looking at what happens after the announcement. Or, more specifically, what happens when children find out they’re about to be an older sibling to a brand new baby. They’re cute, they’re sweet and some of them are downright hilarious, here are our favourite sibling reactions…

“It Means I’m Big”

Some kids just really want to get that extra video game time in before they have to share.

“I Farted”

Some are less concerned with mummy’s tummy and more concerned with their own.

“Is It In Your Belly??”



Some already know what it’s like to have younger twin siblings.

“This Is Exasperating”

Some kids are worried about being replaced 😞


Some kids take a little while to catch on but then are super happy.


And others… not so much.


Have you got a hilarious baby announcement story or video? Share it with us in the comments or over on Facebook and Twitter!










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