My 10 month old grandchild has just arrived on holiday on the Greek island where I live to visit me – she’s brought her parents, of course, my daughter and son in law.  It’s much warmer here than it is in the UK and Emma has been feeling the heat.  She’s still mostly breastfed and doesn’t like a bottle or dummy at all – she’s also just started baby-led weaning which means that she’s starting to need some water.  She’s not really needed much in the way of liquids other than breast milk until recently and is learning to slurp water from a cup.  Obviously, breast feeding mums need to drink even more water than usual when travelling, especially if routines become upset and baby needs a bit more comfort feeding than usual.water on holiday

Keep Your Cool

Of course, being in a hot climate means keeping babies and children hydrated can be quite a challenge.  If you’re on holiday with a little one and it’s warmer than you’re all used to, make sure you remember that the whole family needs to drink plenty of water, especially children.  Fruit juice is great, but really should be limited because it will cause upset tummies, tummies that may already feel a bit delicate by the change in diet that holidays abroad bring.  Ice lollies are okay, but usually full of colours and chemicals and should also be limited as should fizzy drinks.

Chill Out with the Kids

If you’re in self catering (or have a fridge in your holiday home) try freezing plain water ice sticks for the kids – it’s a great way of getting some water into them on a hot day.  When overseas you need to think carefully about drinking the water – if you’re not sure about the water, don’t drink it.  In most European countries bottled water is quite cheap, especially supermarket own brands.  I regularly have ten six packs of 2 litre bottles delivered on a regular basis – it costs less than €15 and I use it in the kettle and for ice cubes as well as for drinking cold.

Making it Last

If you’re heading to the beach for the day with your little one, try freezing a large bottle of water (three quarters full) on its side overnight.  You’ll be able to top it up the next morning and take a supply of cool water that should last for hours.  If you’re self catering and have a cool box, use bottles of frozen water instead of ice blocks – they serve a dual purpose providing chilling power and cool drinking water all day long.

Water really is an essential consideration at all times, but especially when travelling in warmer climes than you’re used to.  Remembering to make sure everybody drinks plenty of water will help make the holiday an enjoyable one.

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