So, you’re having a baby and doing some research online to find out about the type of equipment you are going to need when your baby is born.  Obviously, you will need all the usual nursery gear – a cot or bed, a changing table, furniture for baby’s room – but don’t forget the wheels.  No – your baby won’t be born with an inherent ability to drive cars – that’s a skill that baby will learn (much) later on.  We’re talking here about baby transport – buggies and prams – the wheels your baby will need to accompany you on shopping trips, play dates and any other trips outside the home. 

Maybe you’re planning on carrying baby in a sling which is great.  However, extended trips outside the home can become tiring with all that extra weight to carry and sometimes you need a set of wheels to help out.

Modern buggies and prams can be prohibitively expensive – some of them will cost more than the price of an old banger from a second hand car dealer!  When you’re investing in such an expensive piece of kit, you need to make sure that you’re buying the right buggy for you – something that will fit into your life easily and set you free when it’s time to go out and about with baby.

You’re going to think about what type of buggy or pram you need and this will depend mostly on whether or not you have a car available to you.  If you do, then it’s often the best idea to get the smallest buggy available that is easy to fold one handed.  This means that you can drive your baby to where you’re going and then life him/her out of the car seat and into the buggy.

If you don’t have a car available most of the time, then it’s worth considering one of the more versatile buggy systems.  Most of these come with different mix and match features:

·         a carry cot for when baby is still very small – this allows baby to sleep comfortably and the cot section can be removed from the wheels base and carried indoors.

·         a car seat – some buggy seats double as car seats – this is very handy if you often go out with friends who have a car – it means that baby can travel safely in the car in a dedicated car seat that straps in using a normal seat belt.  The wheels base can be collapsed and stowed into the boot of the car ready for when you reach your destination.

·         a seat that alternates between forward and rear facing – baby is better off sitting (or lying) facing you when you push the buggy.  This means that you can carry on communicating with baby as you walk and, more importantly, you can see baby at all times – a great safety feature.

·         all-terrain wheels – some buggies have larger wheels which makes it easier to push over rough ground.  If you’re the adventurous sort, then this is probably a vital issue for you.

Whatever you decide to choose, make sure that your buggy or pram complies with all UK safety standards – this will give you the peace of mind you need to know that your precious little bundle is being transported as safely as possible.  Have fun when you’re out and about with your baby in his/her new wheels.

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