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Following on from our Clothing and Linens Basic Shopping List for Newborn Baby, today we’re concentrating on the equipment that you’ll need.  This is by no means a full list – there’s just so much baby gear available nowadays that the mind boggles.  Your baby will grow really quickly, growing out of both clothing and equipment at such an alarming rate that you’ll feel that you hardly used some of the stuff you bought.  Here’s a list of essential stuff that you really will need during the first few months, some of which will last baby for months (or years):

COT – your baby will need a cot immediately upon your return from the hospital – whether you intend to have the cot in your room to begin with or whether baby has his own room right from the start.  A Moses basket in the living room is a great idea for when baby’s asleep during the day – you’ll hear him as soon as he wakes and he’ll get used to sleeping with normal living noise going on around him.  However, you’ll also need a proper cot upstairs and one of the most versatile buys is a cot that converts into a toddler bed.  It will be safe for baby right from the start and the bars will keep him safe when he begins to stand and crawl.  Then, when it’s time for your toddler to have his first bed – hey presto!  Just take off the sides of the cot and you have a great toddler bed that’s smart and stylish.  Some of the most versatile cot/beds available have an underbed drawer for storage and a cot top changer to save space in the nursery.

PRAM/BUGGY – this is essential for going out and about with baby – and a great place to hang your shopping too.  There are so many pram designs available now that you’ll be spoilt for choice.  Think about how you will use the pram – will it be in conjunction with a car, or will you need to use public transport.  Will you need to be able to collapse the buggy with one hand whilst holding baby with the other or will you be popping baby into the car seat and then collapsing the pram two handed?  The design you choose really depends on this issue.  If you walk everywhere and like to get off the beaten track, then check out some of the all-terrain buggies available.  When you’re looking at prams/buggies make sure you read all of the reviews so that you can get a good idea of how functional each model is.

CAR SEAT – if you have a family car, then a car seat is vital for baby’s safety whilst travelling.  Before you start looking at car seats, check out all the safety information here to make sure you’re familiar with legislation and all the safety advice.

BABY BATH – You’ll find that baby will need a bath every day – at first you won’t need to buy a load of potions and lotions – plain water is best for getting baby’s sensitive skin clean.  However, bathing such a tiny baby can be daunting at first and you’ll need a stable bath – whether it’s on a stand, fits over the bath or you prefer to set it on the floor.  Baby baths come in a variety of styles, some with extra features like drainage holes or they fit over a standard bath for ease of use.  However, baby will be just as happy being bathed in a large washing up bowl placed on the floor.  At first, it really is best to go with whatever you feel is safest and that you’re most comfortable using.


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