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Getting ready for a new baby is both fun and challenging and one of the best parts is choosing all the new stuff you’ll need for the nursery.  Cots, changing tables, baby baths – this list is endless.  There is so much equipment that you’ll need that it can seem as if you’re spending a small fortune.  However, there’s one item of equipment that’s not usually recommended in the baby books – the beanbag.

Okay, so a beanbag may not be an essential item of baby equipment – but you’ll be surprised to find out just how versatile a beanbag actually is and just how many ways in which it can be used.

When baby is tiny, then the beanbag can act as a prop – use it as a large cushion giving extra support while you nurse baby on the sofa.  You can squish into whatever shape you like and lean against it to take some of baby’s weight while you’re breastfeeding or cuddling.

Beanbags can be used for changing baby – if you don’t have a changing table (or don’t want to go upstairs to change baby), just squish the beanbag down flat and lay a changing mat on top.  This can be easier for some people to reach than a changing mat on the floor – just kneel down with baby and changing mat on the beanbag in front of you.  Everything can be within reach and baby will be safe on the beanbag.

A beanbag can be a great place to lay baby down for a minute or so while you drink your cuppa, eat a sandwich – baby will still be able to see you and a beanbag is pretty hard to roll off.

As baby grows a little older, your beanbag will really come into its own.  When your baby takes his first steps, the beanbag can be used to cushion falls, etc.  It’s great fun watching your baby take a few tentative steps then fall headlong onto the beanbag – a really great game that baby will love as he approaches from further and further away each time.

At the end of the day, a beanbag is a great place for baby to sit and relax in comfort while winding down, ready for bed.  This is when the beanbag becomes a favourite place for a bedtime story, snuggled up warm and comfortable getting sleepier and sleepier as bedtime approaches.



Beanbags come in a variety of designs and sizes and there are so many colours available that you’re sure to find something that will complement the décor of your nursery or living room.  Of course, as with any piece of equipment, you’ll need to make sure that you keep a watchful eye on your baby and follow any safety instructions that come with your purchase.

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