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A rainy day does not have to be boring. Indoor games will help you keep everyone in your family occupied and happy – kids, teens, and parents!

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Rainy Day Games for Kids

A rainy day can seem to last forever when confined with kids, as their energy level keeps getting higher as the day wears on. Introduce the following games, moving on to another one only when your kids get bored.

  • Paper Ball Toss

Provide clean scrapes of paper for your children to create tightly wadded balls. Have them toss their paper balls into a clean waste basket or box starting from close up and moving back a pace for each turn. If you wish, you can keep score by placing coloured marks on the balls and giving a point for each time a “basket” is made.

  • Treasure Hunt

Grab a few handfuls of small toys and some yummy snacks for a treasure hunt. Confine the kids to the kitchen and hide your collected treats around the house. Add a few coins to get their interest. Set a timer and see who finds the most treats before the time is up.

  • Pop It!

Use blown up balloons for this active, fun, indoor game. Pull the furniture out of the way and create a designated area for play. If you use a different color for each child, you can keep score for a winner. Make sure you pick up the pieces of popped balloons if you have children young enough for a possible choking hazard.

Rainy Day “Games” for Teens

Teenagers can provide a real challenge when it comes to finding rainy day games they will enjoy. They are too old for traditional kid’s games, bet bored easily, and will tell you your ideas are “stupid.” The following two activities are not games, but are fun and provide a way to spend a few hours on a rainy day.

  • Movie Mania

Give your teens popcorn, soda cans, and other snacks and let them watch one of their favorite movies or a classic that is new to them. Alternatively, have a “dinner theatre” showing, providing lunch while your teens view the film.

  • Play Chef

Have your teens hit the kitchen, grab the recipe books, and cook. They can make their favorite food or dessert. Try a pot of soup or cookies, both great for a rainy day. If you wish, you can let them get really adventurous and create their own recipe. Make sure they clean up when finished.

Rainy Day Games for Families

  • Play Table Games

Pull out the board games and cards, set up a card table, and have a family game tournament. If some of your kids are too young for some of the games, play “partners” with the little ones helping older siblings or parents.

  • Go on a Picnic

Pack a large basket or cardboard box with all the makings for a picnic lunch. Take a “hike” around the house, possibly playing a game of follow-the-leader.  Choose a place for your picnic, clear a place on the floor, and lay out a large tablecloth or blanket. Take your time munching and talking.

Rainy days do not need to be boring and dull. It only takes a bit of preparation and imagination to provide every member of your family a fun time, together or alone.

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