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star wars

It’s not long until the new Star Wars film hits our screens and we’re so excited we could break our lightsabers. If you’ve got miniature jedis living in your cantina, here’s how to transform their room into a galactic empire in time for the big day.

These are the decorations you’re looking for

An epic spacescape is vital to the beginning of any good Star Wars film so start by cladding out your room in plenty of stars. Decorate with a navy star throw or star rug, or go all out and get a bed with a built-in space tent. Alternatively why not treat little ones to a grey star Snuggle Sac, perfect for curling up for a Star Wars marathon.

You can even recreate an actual night’s sky with the help of some black or navy felt and some regular fairy lights. Simply attach the fairy lights to the ceiling in a random pattern then fix the felt over the top. Make a small hole for each light, turn them on, et voila! Your very own starscape.

In a galaxy far, far away

Star Wars may have taken place ‘a long time ago’ but the films would be nothing without their futuristic tech, droids, and spaceships. Add similar touches to your child’s room with a modern bed (perfect for a stormtrooper), futuristic chrome accessories like this flex desk lamp, or even a robot wall clock.

That’s no moon

If you’re feeling crafty there are loads of Star Wars-themed decorations you can make for your child’s room. Our personal favourite is getting handy with papier mache to create whole galaxies of fun. Simply blow up some round balloons then make a paste from flour and water. Soak strips of newspaper in the paste and stick them to the outside of the balloon. Add four layers of newspaper, allowing each layer to dry fully in between. When dry and hard, paint your sphere to turn it into a planet, a moon, or even a Death Star, if you like.

The Weapon of a Jedi Knight

Of course, no warrior can become a true Jedi until she or he gets their hands on a lightsaber. For the ultimate finishing touch to any Star Wars-themed bedroom, craft your own lightsaber either using a long cardboard wrapping paper roll or even a translucent plastic tube and LED lights for a realistic glowing version.

And there you have it; the perfect Star Wars-themed bedroom that could just well be ready before the force awakens…

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