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As much as we wish it wouldn’t happen, our little ones turn into big ones far more quickly than we’re quite happy with. It’s a nostalgic time but an exciting one too, as you start to see your child develop their own personality, traits, likes, and dislikes and show off something of the person they’re growing to be.

If you’ve got a little one on the cusp of babyhood, you’re probably also realising that a nursery just isn’t quite the right fit any more. Don’t be sad though; after all, what’s more exciting than a redecorating project?

Here are our top tips to help you turn your baby boy’s nursery into a big boy’s bedroom.

The Right Side of Bed

One of the biggest changes for a new toddler is moving from a cot to a ‘Big Boy’ bed. How your little one reacts to this will depend on their personality; some find it really exciting, while many are not keen on the change and find it hard to settle. If your boy is one of the latter, there are a few things you can do to help him transition. For example, why not opt for a boy’s starter bed? These are a great in-between for toddlers to stop them feeling too swamped by a normal-sized bed.

Or how about the Stompa CK Starter bed that can be extended as your little one grows?

Fun House

Toddlerhood is so much fun because it’s this age when little personalities really start to emerge. Whether your boy loves pirates, playing safari, or pretending to fight dragons, try to personalise their room as much as possible. From dinosaur bedding to racing car play tents, incorporating your little one’s interests into their room decor will help them understand that this is their new space – as well as guaranteeing that they’ll love spending time there.

Cover All Bases

That being said, remember that little ones grow and change quickly and that you probably won’t want to be redecorating every six months (unless you do want to in which case who are we to stop you!). If you’d rather not though, it’s a good idea to future-proof the new room by choosing a base of simple minimalist furniture that can then be accessorised to make everything more personal. Swapping out bedsheets and cushions is a lot easier than completely re-furnishing after all. Mode, Stompa, and Flexa all provide a huge range of simple, Scandi-style designs just waiting for you to put your own personal stamp on.

Future Formula 1 or football star? Izziwotnot and Ollie & Leila have it sorted.

Make Room

If you thought babies came with a lot of paraphernalia, just wait and see how much stuff kids can collect! After choosing the right bed, sorting out proper storage should be your second priority for your little one’s new room. From under bed drawers to nifty wall storage that makes the most of your space,  choosing the right storage options now will save you lots of trouble in the future.

Of course we can’t guarantee that Uno S Storage will mean his room is always this tidy…

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