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Hopefully summer is not over, but at Room to Grow we were delighted with a break for the better weather just in time for our second outdoor photoshoot. This time we thought a backdrop of bluebells would be just the ticket and were lucky enough to find the perfect location locally in Ilkley – now all we had to do was wait for the bluebells to bloom.

Any photoshoot is a long time in the planning, factor in the outdoor element, a late Spring and second guessing the good old British weather we did at times wonder if we had bitten off more than we could chew. There is always a huge list of things to organise – transport, beds, props and muscles for carrying and assembling it all in the designated spots, our young models who are in school until 3.30pm, plus all the other people that really help to make it happen on the day – so you can imagine it’s quite a task to chop and change should the forecast not look good.


We held our breath and finally plumped for one Friday afternoon – ironically the day before was beautiful, blue skies and sunny. The Friday dawned dull and grey but we held our nerve and everyone swung into action, so when our models arrived late afternoon, all was ready.


“Where dreams begin” is a phrase we strongly believe in at Room to Grow. Our bedroom solutions are more than just practical, they aim to help you create a place where your child wants to spend time to play, work and sleep. To reflect this and show off the wide range of distinctive products we seek out for you, we chose to feature two very different accessories alongside one of our popular classic beds in our photoshoot.  The magical enchanted garden playhouse looked almost at home in its woodland setting whilst the colourful B-bags, from a fabulous wide range providing both indoor and outdoor models, provided the perfect “cool” item to be seen on.

From duelling knights to fairy tea parties, absorbed in books or playing Nintendo, Elena, Woody, Freddie and Evie all had great fun and seem to take celebrity status in their stride. Elena, the daughter of RTG’s Director Anne Davies, also starred in our original shoot last year and is becoming quite an old hand at posing for the camera.



To top it all the weather stayed fine and warm, the mud was minimal and the bluebells survived. We’re really thrilled with the results – but be sure to look out for them on our website, facebook page and publicity material and tell us what you think.

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