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We all know exactly how the lack of sleep affects our mood, energy levels and performance, spare a thought for growing children. They have developing minds and bodies to cope with, not to mention school work, activities and any other ‘life pressures’ that affect little ones. Sleep is the single thing that will support them through it all!

Creating the correct bedroom environment and following a bedtime routine are both very important in ensuring a good night’s sleep, but the most crucial element is the child’s bed. It’s where their sleepy heads get the chance to rest at the end of an adventurous day so needs to be just right.


Investing in a high-quality bed frame and mattress will guarantee they will last and not need to be replaced as regularly. If your mattress was initially of a good standard, you should only need to purchase a new one every 8 years so think of it as a good value investment.  As soon as you spot signs of sagging or general wear and tear it’s time to refresh your child’s mattress. The base of their bed will fit the mattress perfectly, so it’s advised to replace this at the same time from the same manufacturer. Both are designed to work together, and a change of base will affect the feel and performance of the mattress. The foundation of good sleep is a comfortable bed and the right mattress for your child. After all we all spend a third of our whole lives asleep, beds are unquestionably a well-used purchase!


A good mattress provides support for your child while they sleep, it plays a big part in their general health and wellbeing. If your child is struggling to stay asleep and consequently waking up every few hours during the night, it could be due to their poor mattress. If they are not well supported in bed it causes discomfort, but a high-quality mattress has the ability to iron out these problems. There are various options available from memory foam to pocket sprung, so do your research and select the most suitable for your child depending on their age.


Children who regularly have a lack of sleep are more prone to mood swings and low energy as a result. More importantly, it has a direct impact on their ability to learn and how they behave.

However, when kids get the amount of shut-eye they need, they are less likely to be overweight or develop diabetes, plus far fewer learning and attention issues.  Surprisingly sleep is just as important as nutrition, it’s the time when your little one’s brain repackages neurotransmitters, chemicals that enable brain cells to communicate.

A good night’s sleep can be far more beneficial to your child than you may realise, therefore choosing a quality bed should be at the very top of your priority list.

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