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The Bad-tempered Ladybird, Eric Carle


From the man who brought us the very hungry caterpillar is the fantastic ‘The Bad-tempered Ladybird’ about a ladybird who picks fights with everyone he meets, no matter how much bigger they are than him. The moral of the story is, he learns to share the aphids on his leaf with his friend, the good-tempered ladybird. Even the leaf is thankful.


Social Skill: Sharing is Caring





Pinocchio, Michael Morpurgo & illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark.


We all know the story of Pinocchio, if only due to the famous Disney animation. Revered children’s author, Michael Morpurgo, has rewritten the tale for a new generation of children who must learn that YOU MUST NOT TELL LIES!!! Told from Pinocchio’s own perspective this book is a wonderful refresh of an age-old classic and is beautifully illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark.


Social Skill: Lying gets you nowhere


You’re a rude pig, Bertie, Claudia Boldt


Bertie is rude to everyone he meets until he meets a beautiful bunny whom he falls in love with. Once he’s seen her delightful ears he starts being nice to the others around him and invites them all to a party. When nobody turns up Bertie has a dream in which his toothbrush discusses Bertie’s rudeness with the tap prompting him to throw another party. This time his invitations include apologies for all the nasty things he’s said and the party is a huge success.


Social Skill: Love thy neighbour


The Whale’s Song, Dyan Sheldon & illustrated by Gary Blythe

This is a more obscure book to list here, but the beautiful illustrations and wonderful tale captured my imagination as a child. I can almost certainly say that it shaped the way I interact with people and the world well into adulthood. Lilly gives the gift of a flower to the whales who say thank you by singing her name on the wind. That magical feeling still sends shivers down my spine when the whales show their gratefulness through their song.


Social Skill: Give and you shall receive


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