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Kim – Rudyard Kiping

A classic text from the much-loved Rudyard Kipling, Kim often features in ‘best books of all time’ lists. It follows a young, Irish orphan who is living on the streets of Lahore, and ends up on a long journey through India. The book describes the wonderfully rich culture of India and the multitude of religions and people that live there. The jury’s out as to whether it’s a children’s book or not, but a more advanced reader, with an interest in culture and the wonder of the world will gobble it up word for word.


Journey to the River Sea – Eva Ibbotson

Another orphan, this time a young schoolgirl, Maia, is sent up the Amazon to live with distant relatives after her parents’ deaths. It’s an adventure tale (that will appeal to girls) full of love, humility and excitement and which explores the rainforest and river as well as the mixed cultures of the world and a child’s own growth and learning. Often cited as a modern classic, this is a must read for children with a sense of adventure and a yearning for wildness.


Maps – Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizielinski

Maps’ is a country-by-country atlas, beautifully illustrated by Mizielinskis. The maps show the usual cities, rivers and mountain ranges but also include famous residents, popular sports, regional delicacies and native plants and animals. An exquisitely drawn and highly interesting book in which children can explore the world from their bedrooms.


Exploring – Alain Grée

‘Exploring’ features Gree’s vintage illustrations from the 60s and 70s which are still delightful, colourful and captivating for a modern audience. Aimed at children aged 2-4, it introduces the idea of exploration from the home to abroad to the night’s sky. Other books in the series include ‘Transport’ and ‘Seaside’ to further examine the notion of travel with your little ones.


This is… (series) – Miroslav Sasek

The ‘This is…’ series are picture books which explore many cities around the world including Paris, New York, Rome, London, Hong Kong, etc. Much loved by children and adults alike, the illustrations are childish but stunning and the tales are captivating. They’re an excellent way to introduce your children to a city you are visiting and a stunning reminder of the streets they traversed when the trip is long since over.

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